Payment Must Be Made in 3 Days

  1. When sellers say "payment must be made in 3 days" does this mean that they must receive the payment in 3 days or the payment must be sent in 3 days?
    Thanks for your help :tup:
  2. They want their money within three business days.
  3. Payment must be made within 36 hours after you win it :smile:
  4. You have to make payment within 3 days. If using paypal, you need to initiate payment within 3 days of winning the auction
  5. I used to say that but since Paypal doesn't enforce it I don't any more. What can you do if a buyer doesn't pay within 3 days? Nothing. eBay's policy says they have 7 days.
  6. I was thinking if they give me the option of paying w/ a money order how can I guarantee that it will reach them in 3 days, especially if they're all the way across the country.
  7. In the case of money orders, I think they like to know that you had mailed it out within the 3 days. Obviously it can't get there in 3 days unless they are expecting you to express it which I doubt since that's just more money for you to spend.

  8. Yup, I agree with you. Even though I always pay w/in seconds of winning. I just dont force anyone to pay before 7 days.
  9. same here.
  10. I give buyers an incentive that if payment is received within 12 hours of auction end, I will add free shipping insurance. It's not a lot out of my pocket, and it often gets the person to pay quickly.
  11. I say paypal payments must be made in 3 days but mail in payments must be made in 10 days. I really don't enforce it though since the majority of my buyers pay right away.
  12. I request that my buyers pay within 3 days, or at least make email contact with me within that amount of time.

    I think it's funny that some of the sellers on ebay say stuff like payment MUST be made within 24 hours or something similar... Ebay allows 7 days, and if a buyer makes payment and the seller refunds then the buyer can file a non-performing seller complaint!
  13. I say that payment must be made within 3 days of auction end, but generally as long as payment is made within 7 as per Ebay's policy I'm happy.

    I accept postal money orders on some auctions too, and with that, I just ask that payment is POSTMARKED the day after the auction ends assuming it's a day in which the USPS is operating. I did this too because I had a buyer repeatedly tell me they sent it and that the mail magically lost it. A few days later they ended up being "no longer registered." Again, sometimes things come up in our personal lives so as long as you e-mail and keep me updated, I'm not going to get all medieval on somebody.
  14. Dear seller: I am going to the post office tomorrow to get a money order. MO will be sent Priority Mail. Thank you. Then f/u with the dc number. I have been using PM because I had a MO take 4 weeks to get from PA to MI or MN last December.
  15. Yes, eBay gives the seller 7 days so the 3 day rule is wishful thinking on the sellers part, but I do request that my buyers email me if they won't be paying within 3 days. That way I at least know to be looking for the payment in my paypal. Most people are happy to comply - only one person didn't but of course they ended up being a NPB.