Payment methods


Feb 8, 2009
Hi all,

Just wondering how everyone paid for their surgical cost especially those who underwent 2 jaw surgery or other more expensive procedures?

Besides Cash or credit? My bank charges a foreign transaction fee of 2.5% for the amount bought with credit card. Same transaction fee applies for withdrawing cash from overseas ATM.

What happens when u declare bringing over 10k at the airport do they charge some sort of tax?

Has anyone ever tried telegraphic transfer after opening a bank account in Korea (if it's possible at all) or directly TT into the clinic's account?

I am traveling to other Asian countries (work-related for 3 months) before heading to Seoul for surgery. Carrying a large amount of cash for 3 months is just unsafe IMO.

Any insights or experience is welcome. I am totally out of options and ideas.


May 11, 2014
Different clinic does it differently. The few clinics I've asked about payment methods, Wooskin, 365MC and Dream said it doesn't matter if you pay by card or cash. April31 told me I can get more discount if I pay by cash.

I think the transaction fee charged by your bank is to the merchant, not you. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

For me, I can't be bothered to bring a bunch of cash. I'm happy to accumulate air miles using my credit card :cool:


Aug 11, 2013
Transaction fee is sometimes charged for overseas purchases in another country. The transaction cost to the merchant is separate and sometimes (often) both are levied

As for bringing $10k+ you just declare it it wouldn't be an issue they're just worried your an international mafia member who is moving large sums of money. If you tell them you're carrying money for surgery you'll get past with if even a question on it further