Payment methods question!

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  1. I'm back with another question...

    An interested buyer just asked me if I accept credit cards (visa/mastercard).

    This is my first time selling, I'm hoping the item will go for 400-500.

    What is the safest payment method?

    She claims she has Paypal but would prefer to use her cc?

    Please help! THANKS!
  2. she can pay you through paypal with her cc, i think maybe the fees are higher for you though but don't quote me on that
  3. ladyisobel is right -- she can use her credit card to pay you via Paypal.

    You wouldn't be able to take cards directly without signing up with an acquiring bank as a merchant, which would be ridiculous if you only sell things occasionally, if you could even get a bank to do it. There aren't a lot of sellers on eBay who are equipped to take direct cc payments, so it's by no means unreasonable for you to just take Paypal.

    I would just answer back saying, "Sorry, I'm just selling a few things from my personal collection, so don't have any means of accepting your card directly. You can use it to Pay via Paypal, and that would also keep your card details secure so you don't have to provide them to me." The fees will be deducted from the payment you receive from her, so you'll receive a little less money; she'll still just pay the amount she won the auction for, so she's not incurring any additional cost.
  4. How much are paypal fees? I'm such a newbie!
  5. Transaction fees vary depending of the volume of transactions. High volume sellers (over $3000 per month) pay less. In order to accept credit card payments to your Paypal account you must have a "Paypal Business Account". If and when this requirement occurs, Paypal will walk you through it. As a low volume seller with a Paypal Business Account I pay 2.9% on the total transaction plus 55 cents per transaction. This is over and above the eBay fees.
  6. Is your PayPal account a personal account or a business account? If your account is a personal one, you can't accept a credit card payment from your buyer. You need to upgrade your account to a Premium Business account, and you'll be charged the fees as northerndancer mentioned above.

  7. The reason PayPal does this is because when a buyer pays by credit card, they have the option of doing a chargeback. It covers PayPal's butt just in case something goes wrong.
  8. All my customers use a credit card and rarily is it payment from their paypal account. Fees are outragious any way you go but if it gets the sale and the price you want, then it is worth it. Many people may not purchase if they couldn't use their cr ca since they have 30 days to pay.
    I am looking into a few other ways to pay with credit card through the phone but I haven't gotten deep into it yet..
    Another option...the buyer can use her credit card on line on Western Union to pay you and you can pick it up at any grocery store. You would need to give your full name and the location city where you will pick it up...from the buyer you need the transaction number, their full name and the exact amount. This cost you nothing, but the fees are put on the buyer.
    eBay doesn't recommend it if you are buying, but I am a seller, trusted and many people tell me they don't have or don't want to use its the only other option.
    Hope this works,
  9. Thank you for your advice!