Payment Disappeared??

  1. I sold a purse to a person in UK. She paid immediately. I transferred funds from paypal to my personal bank account. When I go into my items that i sold, it now shows waiting for payment from this seller. I have never had that before and I dont want to mail the purse until I know that she didn't somehow cancel her payment and paypal has just not contacted me yet. I dont want them to reverse payment and then take it back out of my personal account.

    Has anyone ever had anything like that happen?

    She seems like a good buyer - 12 feedbacks and 100% Positive.

    Thanks for any help on this.
  2. Has the PayPal transfer posted to your bank account? If so, I would proceed accordingly. If not, hold on to item, contact buyer, and wait until funds clear. Good Luck to you!:yes: