Payment advice please!

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  1. Hi there,

    I posted an LV vernis key pouch on the LV forum to get it authenticated but they told me to get more additional pictures of the hardware etc. I did ask the seller this morning but because the auction was ending in an hour, I went ahead and sent in a best offer and it got accepted. So now my question is, is it appropriate for me to wait for the seller to send additional pictures to confirm it is authentic before paying?

    Or should I pay first? If I do pay and the seller mails it to me and I find out it is fake, am I still able to file a claim and get a refund etc. even if their listing states 'no returns'?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. If I were a seller that had an authentic item up for sale, I would have NO problem sending additional pictures before the person paid. I'd appreciate that the buyer was concerned about fake merchandise. I think it's fine to ask.

    That said, you "should have" gotten the authentication before committing to the item. If the seller sends pics and it's not authentic, you can choose not to pay, but you'll get saddled with an unpaid item strike if you don't pay for it and they don't agree to cancel the transaction.

    If you DO pay for the item, whether or not they send pictures, and it arrives and is not authentic, then you have to go through the whole SNAD process and risk whether or not Ebay will side with you (they *likely* would, but still a risk) and you'll be out the return shipping to send the item back if it's required.

    If it were me, I'd ask for the pictures before paying. If the seller refuses, there's a chance something is up, in which case use your gut and the kind advice of the ladies in the LV forum to determine whether or not to risk going ahead with the sale.
  3. Once you bid, you're agreeing to pay the seller. If you weren't sure of authenticity, you should not have placed the bid. Some sellers won't mind sending the additional pictures after the auction close, but they're not obligated to as you've already won the auction.

    If you pay and if it turns out to be fake, you can get a professional authentication from CarolDiva and file an SNAD claim through PP. When you pay, make sure to use your CC through PP, not your bank account or PP balance.
  4. ^ Yes I completely agree. I did ask about 1 hour prior to the end of the auction though so I'm guessing she may not have seen it yet.. perhaps she's at work or what not?

    Thank you for the advice, I think I will wait and she if she will reply later today and go from there ^_^;
  5. ^ Yes, I know it was my mistake to purchase before confirming authenticity :sad: I was too caught up in the moment I guess. I will definitely avoid that next time around.
  6. Wow. Two problems. One is not getting it authenticated before agreeing to buy, but the other is waiting til one hour was left on the auction to ask for pics. Cutting it too close. It's not reasonable to expect a seller to be on the spot for your question.

    It's your responsibility to pay now.
  7. Ok I have a different opinion, if the seller can't send pics then I would ask for mutual cancellation. There is no way I'd pay for something that was possibly a fake.

    If it is authentic I think your seller will be understanding tbh, the wording on the auction seems pleasant and co-operative.