Payless anyone?

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  1. I'm seeing all these threads about Louboutin and Jimmy Choo, but how about Payless? Personally, I've always been an equal opportunity shopper. OK, so I've got the Pradas and the Ferragamo's and all, and plenty of designer bags, too, but I have to say that I love Payless shoes. A lot of icky styles there, to be sure, but when they're on, their shoes are so cute! I'm sure that a lot of them are knockoffs, but how can you pass up their BOGO sale?

    Any other Payless fans out there?

  2. I SOMETIMES shop at payless, for casual athletic shoes for school, etc. Their sizing is my main problem, they don't ever run true to size. In all other brands such as Via Spiga, Chinese Laundry, Calvin Klein, Cole Haan, Steve Madden, I'm a size 5.5. But at Payless I sometimes have to buy 6.5!! Their quality is not too bad, but their shoes look run down a lot more quicker than high end brands! :smile:
  3. Let me tell you that payless carried my absolute favorite huaraches when I was a kid. I loved them soooo much!
  4. I don't mind buying their designer collaboration shoes. some of them are very original. extremely liked the abaete fall collection, and I saw her using the spring collection in her show during NY fashion week, and I already liked some of the styles. I can't wait for them to come out.
  5. Payless used to be MY FAVORITEEEE in elementary school!:heart:
  6. I have to admit, I like some styles that payless have! I love their flats, I ruin my shoes pretty fast so they are pretty good!
  7. They have a lot of cute shoes, but my feet usuallly hurt when I wear them. Honestly I haven't bought shoes from Payless since I was in school.
  8. I haven't purchased shoes for me from Payless in years. I find that they make my feet hurt and they don't last.
  9. ITA with that! But the worst part is going into their retail stores - you could choke to death on the formaldehyde fumes!:push:
  10. One of the very few places I refuse to shop... not sure why. Never even tried them, actually. Maybe I should.
  11. I can't stand Payless. Their shoes stink, literally....
  12. Their shoes fall apart soooo fast. Why waste $15 going through 10 pairs of shoes in a year, when you can buy one quality pair (depending, lol).

    I was in Singapore once, with a pair of shoes from Payless, and they completely DISINTEGRATED in the rain! It turns out the outside was fabric, but the frame (I guess, not sure what you'd call the actual shoe) was made out of cardboard. :tdown:
  13. not a payless fan, i've seen their advertisements, the shoes LOOK cute, but just can't get myself into a store.
  14. LOL me too! Payless launched my shoe addiction for sure! I remember saving up lunch money to pick up more goods from their $3 - $5 aisles! I remember lining those Payless finds up along the wall in the closet and feeling so darn proud at the sheer luxury and wealth of my shoe collection! :roflmfao: Oh man! Memories! :girlsigh:
  15. You can actually find cute shoes there and they can last too. I have a pair of sandals from there that are more than 2 years old and they are still as perfect as the day I bought them! So I don't necessarily agree that they all fall apart.