Paying with an unconfirmed bank account!


King Louis' Mistress
Aug 8, 2006
My PayPal account is hooked up to my credit card and my bank card, neither of which are confirmed. This morning, I began the confirmation process for my bank account, even going to the bank to set up an online banking account so that I could confirm it as soon as possible. According to the PayPal web site, this process can take from three to five business days.

My questions are as follows:

1. I won my first eBay auction last night, but PayPal isn't letting me pay with my bank account, which is what I planned on doing. Is this because my bank account is unconfirmed?
2. If this is the problem, how long does the confirmation process usually take?

:hysteric: I called them up, got put on hold for twenty minutes and then got disconnected. So frustrating.
I fear you are in the dreaded middle-I am guessing that you can't pay with the account because it is in the process of being "confirmed", one of those dreaded times with no distinct end-I know this is a question for PayPal, but it's the weekend-can you pay with anything else? what are the terms of the auction? If it wasn't BIN you are all set-if it is, I would email seller right away and explain you're in the "process of"-good luck!
*nod* Do you have any idea as to how long it takes for them to make their deposit? I thought it would be instantaneous, with electronic banking and all. :/

It's BIN. I emailed the guy earlier today and told him that I'll pay him as soon as they confirm me, so at least he's not in the dark.

Is there any way I can pay him with my unconfirmed bank account?
You absolutely can not use the bank account until it is confirmed, and that could take a week (transferring funds to a bank account takes 3 days), they make a small deposit and a small withdrawl, with the weekend here it probably won't be until next week sometime. You can keep checking nightly though, just in case it goes quicker.
Yeah it must be confirmed, but just keep didn't take long at all for mine (about 2 days) but make sure your seller knows you're just doing the confirmation steps so they don't think you're not planning on paying.