Paying taxes on

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  1. I'm trying to save up and buy a LV wallet on

    Does anyone know if they charge taxes on the purchase item? I heard from someone that they charge shipping and sometimes have promotion on free shipping. I really appreciate your help.

  2. They had free shipping before Christmas, but I haven't heard anything about it coming up anytime soon. And no, you shouldn't have to pay sales tax.
  3. Thanks for your prompt reply. At least I will save $$ on sales tax rather than going to a LV store. Hopefully the shipping cost is not too much, hehehe.
  4. I personally LOVE the feeling of walking into the LV store and buying a bag :love: I ask the SA to bring out some other bags for me to look at.. I can feel all my future purchases, look, smell and just enjoy all those LV items in one store. But if the sales tax is really high in your state it could definitely be worth it!! ;)
  5. If you read their policies, that's not entirely true. eLuxury charges sales tax if you live in either California or Tennessee. (They probably have warehouses in those states.) So if you live anywhere else, you're golden. In my case, I paid $18 tax AND $16.50 for shipping on a pair of Rock & Republics. Good luck!
  6. I live in Illinois (yeah, no sales tax) and the closest store to me is about 1.5 hour away, which is not too bad. The sales tax there is about 6.6 percent; that's alot when I'm spending anything over $500.

    Personally, I feel uncomfortable when going to the LV store. The service is terrible when I don't dress "wealthy". I tend to get ignored and when I enter the store and SA acts like I'm beneath them. So I prefer to purchase my stuff online like Ebay and soon Eluxury (don't have to deal with them).
  7. Sales tax in Ontario, Canada is 15%.. I dream all the time of being able to order from eLuxury, or better yet, from the French Louis Vuitton website (especially with their much cheaper Euro prices !).