Paying Over Retail for a Used BBag: how do you feel about this? what is your limit?

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Have you/would you pay more than retail for a used BBag?

  1. Absolutely! I'd pay anything to get the Bbag of my dreams

  2. Retail is my limit: I won't pay more than the original cost of a bag

  3. Depends: can't answer, it would really depend on my mood at the moment

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  1. I am wondering how you all feel about paying over retail for a used bbag??

    I know there a lot of rare colors out there from previous years and it's soooo tempting to pay *anything* to get your hands on one :sweatdrop:

    But does it wig you out paying more than retail for an early bag that has been used?

    Does it make a difference if the bag is BNWT and over the original retail price to you??

    (and Happy Friday to all!! :yahoo:)
  2. I would pay more for a BNWT bag but that's just me. Some people don't mind used. I would buy something that had no signs of wear. I think if you want the bag bad enough, there is no problem paying more than retail. Certain colors and styles are just more in demand.
  3. Allison, your little girl looks adorable holding your City!!

    I can understand over retail for a BNWT rarity, since that means the person hasn't used it since they bought it, and that seems to equate to an increase in cost.

    But the used bags, I am just not sure I can get behind that. Even if it means not buying my Holy Grail right now :shrugs:
  4. I did once for an 05 Chocolate City but I would never do it again :Push:
  5. I paid retail for a well used Chloe once due to it's rarity, and I just can't see it again.

    Alternately I found an 05 city BNWT at NM and *gladly* paid retail for it.
  6. nope! i dont think so....unless, its a never been use and totally out of stock! over retail?---im not sure.
  7. great question! for me, it totally depends on its condition....
  8. Are darkened handles a show-stopper in this regard??

    For me, darkened handles sort of squig me out on a used-bag. If they happen while I am using it, that seems better somehow :shame:

  9. Hi hmwe! Well, you know my answer to this, but I'll weigh in too. I have paid over retail twice for much-desired bags.

    One was a NWT Ink City (dearly departed now) and the other was a NWT VG GH Day (a la Katie Holmes). With trade, I paid $200 over retail for the Ink City, and $500 (ouch) over retail for the second. I have major buyer's remorse about it now.

    Good luck...the one you're looking at is TDF, for sure....
  10. See Luv, the bags you bought were new and that counts for a lot, IMHO.

    An 05 bag that is still BNWT means someone has sat on it for 2+ years without touching it, which is way cool.

    But one that shows signs of being well-loved???
  11. That is definitely a problem I am facing as I really would LOVE to buy an Eggplant Purse but I don't really want to pay nearly 2k for a used bag if I could pretty much buy 2 brand new BBags instead... I'll have to see if I ever choose to take the plunge...:love:
    So I chose Depends: can't answer, it would really depend on my mood at the moment;)
  12. yes;)darkened handles are one of the many factors for me to consider when i'm in the decision-making process
  13. Good luck Marie!! Maybe wait for a new Fall 07 color??

    I think that is what I will do too!!

  14. Thank you, Hmwe46!:yes::heart: Unfortunately, the Purse style is discontinued so I might have to settle for another style.. or eventually take the plunge:rolleyes:
  15. I can't do the darkened handles on used bag. Especially for over retail. If it is in new condition, I will pay a certain amount over retail if it is something extra special that I have been hunting for (my rouge vif and Apple city!) I think that it really depends on how long I have been hunting for that certain bag, how great the leather is and the condition of the bag. Needless to say, I do not regret my over retail purchases. Oh, I guess that the FB city my DH bought me for our anniversary on ebay (BNWT) in February was over retail too...whoopsie. My FB was so worth it, the leather is out of this world.