Paying full price on a two year old bag?

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  1. I saw this beautiful pink with brushed leather flap it's not a classic piece at Saks I really like it but my SA informed it's from 2012. Nothing wrong with it but I started to think shouldn't it be on sale or have some sort of markdown since it's been on sale for almost two years and it's not classic?
  2. I paid full price on a three year old USED extra mini. The heart wants what the heart wants.

    p.s. no, I don't regret it for one minute!
  3. Me too!!! I paid full price for the pre-owned Business flap which was sold out in North America. I love it and it's very useful. I think the bag didn't markdown for certain reason such as Saks may left it in the warehouse and forgot to bring to the store or the bag was hidden in the store which no SA notice. At lease you are paying full price for a new bag. ;)
  4. No, it's not like a car ;) lol
    If's it NEW, no matter what year it is if I wanted it I'd still buy it. I wouldn't expect a discount on it, especially considering the rate the pieces are increasing.
  5. ^^ I agree
  6. I know how you feel. I came upon the 2012 spring plum metallic reissue in December at my local Saks (the manager found two brand news ones in the inventory and had them transferred in) and it was so so so pretty and I had a hard time paying full price when I knew the bags were left abandoned in the stock room for two full years. I don't know if these were pre or post last price increase. It was hard especially since winter sales were going on and there were one or two lucky ladies here who found classics on sale from other dept stores. In the end, I couldn't pull the trigger and I still think about the bag like every other day but I guess I've made peace with my decision! :wondering
  7. Oh so back to your question. I guess you can try to ask your SA to speak with the store manager but chances are, it won't be marked down. Saks seems pretty stingy when it comes to such things--just my humble opinion.
  8. I still see the Taj Mahal python bag at Chanel at full price, even though some have found this bag in department stores for sale price. I myself have bought shoes that I wanted and paid full price even though they had been at sale price in department stores. It really just depends on how badly you want the bag. Not all bags go on sale, no matter how old they are.
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    I went through this exact scenario with Saks recently but the bag was from 2008 and it actually looked like it had been used. I even asked if it was a display or return and my SA said, "no" it was just found in inventory along with several others (same bag different size).

    In any event, I asked my SA to check with her manager to make sure it wasn't supposed to be marked down and they both confirmed that it's still regular price, albeit it was 2008 pricing ($2850 for something that looked like a jumbo with leather lining). I promptly returned the bag as I was not comfortable paying full price for a seasonal piece, that was 6 years old and looked used.

    On the other hand, I have paid "full price/retail" for a bag that was pre-loved, just because it was no longer available in stores and I absolutely had to have it.

    I hope this helps!
  10. Chanel doesn't put everything that is from past seasons on sale. You will be surprised at how many bags from previous seasons are still selling at full price and don't get marked down, ever. If the bag you like isn't on sale by now, it won't go on sale. If you love it now, I would buy it.

    Case in point, I just bought an east west and that is a few seasons old, but it was new from Saks and found in the backroom. Sometimes bags just get forgotten and found later on while the SAs are cleaning/looking for something. It's happened to me a few times.
  11. I saw mention of a Taj Mahal bag still floating around in one of the Chanel boutiques. Can anyone tell me where they have seen it?

  12. I saw one at the Wynn in LV this past week. I think the Encore had one as well. It's still full priced.
  13. Tampa NM had one last week - full price.