paying for your addiction...

  1. just curious ... perhaps misery loves company? How many of you have credit card debt just from your Coach purchases?? Argghhh! I hate it...but I can't stop!!
  2. Ha!
  3. no debt but i'm paying rent an effing week late because of my impulse shopping, and the bad influence of my gayman! (mr.dooney) bad bad bad!
  4. Thankfully I've paid off and gotten rid of all of my cards. I have one with a low limit that gets paid when used (which is rare). Now the BoA check card on the other hand......:s
  5. I purchase mine on my starbucks visa so I get points for free coffee so I can stay awake late at night ordering coach so I can get more points for more coffee so I stay awake late.....well, you get the picture.

    I try to pay it off every month but if I can't pay in full for that month I ban myself from using it until it's paid, It's a low interest card, but I still hate wasting money on interest... I'd rather spend it on more coach! :yes:
  6. that uhh um.... kinda good kinda dangerous idea! :yes:
  7. I use my debit card for my Coach purchases.
  8. nah, my cc's are okay. it's my savings that are being depleted right now. :p
  9. i also use the debit card... drain that account like it's nobodies buisiness.
  10. mr jones pays for them. :roflmfao:
  11. :roflmfao: ^^^That is too cute!
  12. I use my Disney Visa, with sparkles and Tinkerbell on it I feel like it can't really have an uncute bill that comes w/ it. I try my best to limit myself to 1 bag every 2-3 months so I can pay in full. :yes:
  13. ^^smart girl
  14. Also I tell myself that I am helping myself accrue free reward dollars by spending at Coach..which can get dangerous! :yahoo:
  15. =) i love charging my purchases via CC because of cash back.

    within less then 3 years I've accumulated $280, and of course, starting as of january i've accumulated $50.

    i'm not going to state my cashback percentage because it isn't that high.

    but i stop myself from carrying too too far, i don't have much in savings, but not much in debt (more school then anything) so...i have to stop spending and saving

    but it's SO darn hard

    i really really want this white/brown bag, the soho satchel large leather? and of course, a duplicate of my white ali too..those are my next purchases. hopefully with the perfume contest i'll get a little help ;)