Paying for good feedback WTF?

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  1. Has anyone seen this? Is this even allowed?


    Seller has 25 positives and 23 of those he 'sold'. I should spend the 35 cents and buy it just so I can leave a neg LOL

    (in case they pull it:smile:

    Buyers recognize a good ebayer by their feedback rating

    Buyers recognize a good ebayer by their feedback rating.

    This auction is getting 100% Positive feedback

    So do you want to get positive feedback like those ebay power sellers?


    There is no easier way to boost that feedback rating than just following these easy steps:

    Win the auction and pay using paypal
    Leave positive feedback for me and I'll return positive feedback to you promptly.
    Feel free to contact me with any questions and find those deals!
  2. OMG this is the funniest thing I have ever seen!

    Actually, it is an easy way to make some money! Maybe he should have charged $1! LOL
  3. No, it isn't allowed.
  4. This should definitely be reported.
  5. I reported.. what a crock!

  6. The crazy thing is he HAS to give his buyers positive (or nothing ;)) -- but they don't HAVE to give sellers positive. So they are paying HIM -- crazy peeps.
  7. That's so messed up! :wtf:
  8. WOW that is insane! people will try anything i swear. i bet it will make them look really stupid and suspicious if someone looks at there feedback and sees what they sold
  9. :busted time!
  10. lol yep! busted
  11. Yeh I was wondering how that would work since the details are available for like 90 days. People are just strange!
  12. I think I have a lot more userid's to put on my BBL.... anyone that's interested in doing that DEF is not someone I want to do business with!

  13. ^agree here..
  14. That is just insane.. Defeats the whole purpose of feedbacks!!!!
  15. there are loads more sellers doing it...they come up in more items like this, lol. Strange but true. one guy has 530 feedbackfrom selling feedback???