paying for a high priced item

  1. hi all... i've never used eBay to pay for an item. i usually pay for my bags with cash. i'm interested in a powerseller's listing... the person has received 99.9% positive feedback after 2500 transactions, and is a reputable seller according to tPF. the seller is willing to do a BIN with me, and is willing to accept a bank wire transfer or cashier's check since i don't use a CC. i don't have an individual account with a bank (i have a joint one with DH) so what's the best way of going about this? do i go to the bank and open up an account for myself? HELP!
  2. as I know some banks don't need you have acc. in their banks to make Wire-Transfer ( Bank-Wire )
  3. Are you in USA? I think you'd send MO or Cashier Check?
  4. Sorry for misread, you mean you intend to pay you high-end item?
    Some buyers affraid to send payment by Bank-Wire but if you can trust you seller, it's no prob.
    I think you'd go for MO as you'll get copy receipt.

    Just to inform, I usually pay by Bank-Wire to Let-Trade. I trust them and no worry submit them payment by Bank-Wire but please double check your seller before.
    Good luck
  5. i'm on the east coast and the seller is on the west coast.

    in terms of bank wire transfer, would the bank question the amount of money being wired? it's for a hermes handbag, so naturally it will be above $5k.
  6. Each banks have different terms but sometime they ask me what for this transfer. Otherwise, on transfer form, there's empty coloumn to write additional message. You'd write "Hermes Bag" but as long as know, it won't help nor protect you if there's some trouble with your transaction
  7. do not do it, THAT IS TOO MUCH OF A RISK! there are too many problems and crazy people out there, you don't need that bag that bad. Do not send $5000 to someone you don't know, and you are going to give your bank account? Don't be nuts, the bag is not that important. if you send a money order or cashiers check there is no getting that back, you can sue all you want but you won't get it back, purchase local or do not purchase at all.
  8. I ever purchased LV shoes from scam artist from Australia. I did all those steps then I scammed by her and eBay can't do anything for me. eBay told that I'll get check $175 only but never received till now so if you not sure with your seller, please don't do Bank-Wire, too high risk for you, 5k!!
  9. Sorry, you interrupt me. That's the finally point I want to tell to babyhart :smile:
    but as a sender, receiver won't know sender's bank details but sender will know reciever's bank details so I think no prob about bank details except about send seller 5k without protection
  10. if you have $5000 or more to buy a bag, just buy it from a reputable store, a bargain will end up as stolen money. too high of a risk. absolutely not do not do it.
  11. either way it is a too high risk, once it is in the bank account its in, no reversals on that. It may not be a scam, but people tend to act a bit flaky once they have $5000 or more in their hands and if she can afford a $5000 or more bag- no need to take the risk.
  12. the reason why i ask is b/c the seller is reputable & highly recommended by other pfers
  13. Uh, wiretransfer $5000? That's so sketchy. Just sign up for paypal. You don't need a CC, just a bank account.
  14. who is this seller?

    Some sellers have thousands of feedback and 99.5% positive and have been selling fakes for 3 years. Some are truly honest. In reality, you don't really know.
  15. Get a friend or family member to buy it with their credit card, and pay them the cost of the item.