paying for a birkin in installments

  1. hello,

    does anyone know of a reseller who accepts a payment plan of paying in installments for a birkin? at present i am looking to buy one of any size and colour and would like to pay it off monthly rather than wait forever and a day to pay the whole amount upfront. would appreciate any advice you guys can offer.
  2. well please be not offended but this is my personal opinion it is not worth to buy luxury ggods on credit or via installments as you never know if something very serious can happen in your life where you need the money etc. please do not flame me .
    edit: why don´t you jut put your"installments" aside on a sepertae account and then when the time is right you can buy a fabulous bag and enjoy it to the fullest
  3. :yes:

    I'd have to agree with that, because, at then end of a day its just a handbag and other things that are far more important can occur, and despite many people here not easily agreeing with that, they all know that I'm right :biggrin:! If you find it hard to save, buy a expensive ceramic jar that looks pretty, and acts as a money holder that you have to smash open, its how I managed to afford my own TV (Dad didn't want more than one TV in the house, because apparently we don't bond otherwise, he dosen't realise that it's just him that dosent bond with anyone :rolleyes:)
  4. Well for me, I just happened to get my first H bag on an installment plan. I think it all depends on your own personal circumstance. For me, I don't touch my regular money (ie. from my and my husband's careers) but have my own separate fund that I use for fun purchases like handbags. I wanted to lock in the price while I raised the extra money by selling my other bags, so the payment plan worked out wonderfully for me! It just so happened to work out that as I sold a bag, I would send my payment. 3 months later I had my first Kelly!

    I think when it comes to resellers though- you really need to approach them and ask if they will accommodate the request. I think you will be surprised that many will. Besides, it never hurts to ask!
  5. I think its probarly worth asking some of them
    I have seen some where they offer a layaway plan, not sure what that is

    Have you thought of maybe buying vintage to start of with , whilst saving up , or buying something smaller to reward you for saving??

  6. excellant idea,

    I am going to sell other items before I go ahead with my next purchase to try make up the funds

    can you do that???
  7. I agree with lilach. Please do not flame me either. :smile:
  8. For me- I like the one in/one out plan. Compliments of DH!! If I want something new then I have to get rid of one item and use the funds for my new purchase. It makes you think wisely about your next purchase, and best of all they are all paid for in Cash!! :yes:
  9. Agree with Lilach too.

    In my case, IF I were to do a plan like Jag's, I would probably ask to pay a smaller amount upfront and hold the bag for a period of time. If unable to pay the total amount within the stipulated time frame, then you can opt out without wondering whether how you are going to get a large balance back from the seller. (But you may be out of the initial deposit)

    I'm truly not a fan of monthly payments, since I have the mentality that if I pay I want what I pay for RIGHT NOW, and am not comfortable trusting thousands of dollars of my money monthly to a person I do not know personally (and even then I'd probably have a bad time!) waiting for the receipt of a bag.
  10. Save your money now... as said, there can be emergencies. My "favorite" reminder for emergency money is having a tooth fall out like last time and hence I needed dentist money.

    Luxuy goods aren't meant to cause suffering or to limit your life in other areas.
  11. excellent point...honestly if you can't afford to buy it and have to pay by installments you should wait till you can.
  12. Agree with Lilach too.

    ^ Unfortunately for me, it's 3 or 4 non-H out for every H in. :p
  13. If you have to make monthly payments, then it's just not worth it IMO.
    That said, some reputable resellers will work with you on payment plans if you are already a regular customer...maybe there is someone who will if you are a first-time buyer, but I believe it's unlikely.
  14. I know of at least a few sellers who will offer an installment plan, but I have to agree that it's not ideal in terms of financial management :s That being said, I also realize that not everyone can just go out and buy a Birkin (or numerous ones like some people here do) without SOME financial impact.

    If you find your grail bag and you're not ready with the cash at that exact moment and need to finance the purchase, then you can always use your credit card--just pay it off ASAP and make sure to choose the one with the lowest rate!! Obviously to do this you'd need to find a reputable seller who accepts PayPal or has a merchant account.
  15. I have put bags on my cc before and taken months to pay it off. But I usually only do that when it's a bag I am really dying for and am not sure will come along too soon again. Some people would never think to that, I have. To each his own! But I'm also impulsive and tend to feel if I don't get things now that they'll slip away forever (which I'm sure is not usually the case - it's my OCD personality! lol).

    It never hurts to ask a reseller though and I think you'd be surprised that some will do it. Just make sure they're trustworthy since you're sending them your money with nothing in return.

    Good luck! :yes: