Paying debt with CHANEL? -- is this model worth the money?

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  1. Someone owed my mother-in-law money (around $1,700) 5 years ago, and she paid her with this CHANEL. I think it's Jumbo size. Can anyone tell what model is this and how much would it cost? :confused1:

    I'm still new with CHANEL, so I do appreciate your help. Thank you so much.
  2. what model?? can you post a pic... or give more description?
  3. here are the pictures ...
    Chanel1.JPG Chanel2.JPG
  4. These days you won't find ANY jumbo flap for that amount, they're all crazy expensive. I have no idea what this bag used to cost though.
  5. IMO, i don't think this bag costs as much as what your mom's friend owed your mom. 5 years ago, Chanel was a lot more affordable than the crazy prices now, especially due to the recent hikes. and if you calculate inflation and all that, it would probably cost about what your mom's friend owed your mom more than 1700 now i think but then again, it's a vintage so the value is hard to tell and it is something that is worth keeping.
  6. Beautiful brown flap.:heart:
  7. well I hope you get your money back on the sale of it
  8. Wow that flap is beautiful! nowadays vintage prices are sky high so you should be able to get aamount for it. good luck!
  9. i'd say it wasn't worth $1700 to begin with, but i would pay that amount for it :yes: it is very pretty and in a beautiful shade of brown :drool:
  10. More important than what it's worth, does your mother in law like it? Would she rather have the $1700 cash?? Was she consulted on the bag in lieu of cash or did the person who owed her the money just give it to her thinking it would be equitable?
  11. Wow, at this point, I would call them even!
  12. Before you made any further decesion, please have it Auth first! Unless you are 100% sure the bag can sale for 1500+inflation& interest, i would think twice about calling it even.
  13. Thank you so much everyone for your opinions:heart: !! ... I do appreciate :smile: Is this bag a keeper? and would it be out to carry it these days?
  14. I say it's a keeper, would def. wear it today!
  15. I would wear it- it's gorgeous! If the bag will be used and kept for intrinsic value, I'd call it even, especially since it seems as though you might be waiting forever for cash to come your way to pay the loan. But I'm not really sure you'll get $1750 if you went to sell it (hopefully I'm wrong) so if you're after the $ I wouldn't call it even. I might see if I could use the bag (gently of course) until they came up with the $1750, since they aren't paying interest it seems fair... It's really a gorgeous bag though, so I hope it will be loved and worn!
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