Paying big bucks for bags...only real leather will do?

  1. When searching for my next high end/designer handbag, I wont even consider buying it unless its made from real leather.
    I could never imagine myself paying even £100 ($200+) for a bag that was made of canvas or whatever, no matter what brand it is. Even if I loved a bag Im sure that I wouldnt buy it if it was made of knitted wool or something..
    When you buy expensive named bags, do you buy it just because you like it, no matter what its made of, or are you a 'leather only' buyer?
  2. I buy bags that i like. It does depend on the quality of the material. Alot of people will only buy leather bags because they feal it's more bang for your buck but thets be honest, with some bags being over 1k it's not the cost of the bag your paying for anymore
  3. i am leather only
  4. It doesn't matter to me. In my experience, leather is harder to take care of, and is less durable over the years compared to canvas. I see leather pref posts all the time, and I just don't get it. But we are all entitled to our own opinions.
  5. I am surprised by my own answer: I will pay a certain amount of big bucks for something that's not leather. But I have to love the design. What you're buying is design, not leather. I do have a price limit -- for instance, I would pay $200. There is a really attractive Furla airplane clear plastic airplane travel bag that is $400 that I like, but I'm waiting for it to go on sale.
    In general, I wait for bags to go on sale. Anyone can pay full price. The fun is the hunt, the chase, the bargain.
  6. I know, seriously! :yes:
  7. My love first and foremost is top quality leather, it always has been and I am not sure where I inherited the problem.:yes: Cos, it is a problem. A costly one normally. LOLOL.

    Because of my leather attraction, the leather is the first thing, the last thing is the label and price. I find that certain bags jump out at me, and catch my attention, and normally if I don't get that WOW feeling, I don't pursue it.

    There are some bags which just last forever and never looked bashed and battered, my Mulberry Darwin being one of them. Some styles are built to last, others don't even have a chance as they are so delicate.
  8. Quality leather only -(but I guess there's always exceptions to every rule).
  9. I usually prefer leather, as I like the way they move and break in and sometimes slouch. There is just a luxuriousness to the feel of some leather bags.

    As far as durability goes, however, it is the leather parts of old LV bags that need to be replaced, not the canvas. LV canvas has stood the test of time and is often passed from mother to daughter. So I cannot say that canvas is of a lesser quality than leather.

    And I fully agree that when bags start going over a certain price, we are no longer paying for materials anyway. We are paying for design, history, style, craftsmanship and sometimes legacy. Everyone has feelings associated with certain brands, and we will pay to get it. A piece of leather, no matter how luxurious, isn't worth thousands of dollars, but the other things associated with it are.
  10. $100 USD is my current spending threshold for non-leather bags but even then, it has to be fairly spectacular for me to consider spending that much. The most I've spent on a non-leather bag was $70 for orla kiely's coated fabric/canvas midi sling bag in red stem print. And I toiled over whether to return or keep because I thought that was overpriced (though the quality is great). If I really loved something and had the money, I'd spend more for a quality coated canvas bad, I think.
  11. Perhaps it is true that it's more worth it to pay big bucks for leather handbag than canvas one. However, there's big price difference between canvas and leather. For example, LV leather starts around $2000 or more but the canvas around $600.
  12. I love great quality leather but I have found a few bags that are not leather that I really like. I have a LV Globe Shopper that is just canvas and a Prada nylon bag that has held up just as well if not better than some of my leather bags. It depends on the bag for me. I can go either way.
  13. I really like leather the best...I prob. wouldn't spend that much on a canvas bag really...if I wanted a canvas bag, I would never buy an LV one, I would go to Old navy and get one for $12 caz chances are, I'm not going to use it that much anyway.
  14. Couldn't have said it better. :yes:
  15. I will admit that good quality leather gets my motor running, VARROOOMMM. So generally, I would be hunting for leather construction on a pricey bag.