Paying before surgery?

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  1. I saw someone saying they never had to pay pre-surgery in case something went wrong. Can you all share your experiences at ps clinics? I paid 1mil krw for deposit for rhino+ba, surgery was next day and the translater was asking me to pay the rest all up before surgery starts. Is this normal procedure - I felt it was quite pushy but will understand if this is normal here.
  2. I paid 10% down payment too, then remaining 90% just before the surgery .
  3. I paid 20% down payment even before stepping foot into Korea. I thought that was pretty steep.
  4. Hm I read somewhere not to pay down payment before consulting..mind sharing which clinic requires DP before consultation?

    My 10% DP was paid after my consultation and I decided on the clinic ..
  5. Being new to plastic surgery I can only give my two cents from what happens back home. I had knee surgery a few years ago and no doctor where I am from would perform surgery before payment is taken. Is this not the normal way of doing things?
  6. It's View Clinic. But then again, you have to secure the surgery date and without DP, your appointment won't be prioritized. That said, I think the 20% they asked of me was too much.
  7. I agree with nitekoala. I usually pay 10% of the sum in cash for deposit and then pay 90% before surgery when signing the surgery contract. Good luck!
  8. I paid for deposit too!
  9. I also paid 10% of total price as a deposit. And I paid the rest on the surgery day~~
  10. I paid 500,000 KRW deposit (about ~$500/usd) per surgery at JW (so total about $1500 cus I was getting my eyes, nose and jaw done). This was to secure my surgery date and I paid this well in advance cus JW was my top choice.

    I paid the remaining amount the day before my surgery at my consultation.
  11. And this is another gripe I have with View Clinic. I think 20% deposit of the final undiscounted price is too much of a desposit. And they kakao me the refund policy after that. :sick: Next time I'm 10% if I'm doing at View again. If they refuse, I'm going to DAPRS.
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