Pay to shop at designer "outlets"

  1. Have any of you ever come across those ads that want you to pay a price in order to access their " connections" to buy handbags? Have any of you tried it and is it worth joining those sights--- will they sell authentic handbags?
  2. Could you provide some site examples? I'm not sure of what you're talking about.
  3. Soudns shady, although I have paid admission fees to sample sales....
  4. id be wary. there are so many fake selling websites. i would stay away.
  5. I've heard of those "invitation only" sites that supposedly can get you deals on designer items, but I received invitations in my bulk e-mail folder, so I get the feeling that it's just a big scam. They probably send those "exclusive" invitations by the millions.
  6. I have a friend who uses one of those types of "outlet shopping service" sites for American Girl dolls and items. Those dolls and all their little items are collectible and expensive and she uses a site that is run by a woman or group that lives near an outlet. They put out a list once a week of what the outlet has in stock and for how much. My friend searches the list and tells them what items she wants them to buy. They shop and if anything wasn't in stock anymore they take it off the list...otherwise they add up the total for the items and add their fee and shipping. The bill gets paid and my friend gets her items.

    Now I know it's not purses, but it's as close as I've heard of and my friend says that you should just get information about the site/people upfront (where they are located, what outlet they shop from etc) and be VERY careful your first few times using their "service". If they are legit they won't mind your questions and should be very willing and understanding that you are leary and want more info.

    It's worked out very well for her so far, but she was lucky and found a legit service first try.

    Good luck, and be careful!
  7. I never heard of that, but be careful. It sounds like a scam.