Pay Pal Nightmare!!!

  1. I'm going thru the biggest Pay Pal nightmare right now and just wanted to vent - and caution all other Pay Pal users that this could happen because no where on the Pay Pal site does it warn you of this!! Let me just start out by saying that I'm relatively new to eBay and Pay Pal. I opened both accounts at the end of December, and until now had purchased just two items - both wonderful Balenciaga items and both from lovely TPFer's. Both transactions went beautifully - I paid thru Pay Pal using my CC immediately after hitting BIN and there were no issues using Pay Pal - everything went smoothly. So, on Monday afternoon I made an offer on a 2002 Black Flat Brass First (!!!) - major HG item!! - that was in excellent condition and also being sold by a lovely TPFer. I saw the following morning (yesterday) that the seller had countered and I accepted and proceeded immediately to pay. As I tried to pay, though, for lack of a better way to explain it, Pay Pal wouldn't let me progress through the screens - it just kept reverting back to the payment screen and I couldn't get the transaction to go thru. I called Pay Pal and explained the situation and they said that the transaction wasn't going through because my account had something called "Buyer Credit" that would have to be deactivated if I did not want to use it, which didn't sound right because I had previously completed two transactions without knowing to deactivate it, but I followed their instructions and deactivated it. The transaction still wouldn't go through. I called back and after speaking to a second representative and a supervisor I was finally told that because my account is new there was a security feature that was being triggered because of the dollar amount (which, BTW was only approx. $300 more than my last eBay purchase which was paid for via Pay Pal with no problem) and that there was nothing they could do to override this. The supervisor suggested that I contact the seller and ask that she break up the amount into to invoices that I could pay separately. I was already frustrated at this point, which I expressed to the supervisor, because I was basically being forced to inconvenience the seller and likely make a negative impression on them, for something that is not at all my fault. But I did contact the seller and I explained what had happened and she divided up the amount and sent two separate invoices to my Pal Pay account. I logged onto Pay Pal this morning to pay, and was able to pay the first invoice (the larger of the two invoices) with no problem. I then went to pay the second invoice and began experiencing the same problem that I had before - the system just kept reverting back to the payment screen and I couldn't get the transaction to go thru. I called Pay Pal again, reiterated the whole story, and to make a long story short, was told that there is nothing they can do. They kept reassuring me that it was not my fault and that there was nothing wrong with my account, that I was just a random security feature - which I'm sorry, really means nothing at this point, because even though it's not my fault it is still extremely embarrassing. They said to keep trying to see if I can get it to go through (???), which I have been and it's not, but ultimately if it does not go through they cannot override it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold and no one ever transferred me or came back. I called back again, reiterated the whole story again and asked to be transferred to a supervisor and again - put on hold and left there. By the time I hung I was just about in tears. I feel so sick over this whole situation. The seller is most likely going to think I am a complete idiot and leave negative feedback - and I can't blame her. I think I might be done with eBay all together - I don't think that I could ever be confident making an offer on something again knowing that something like this could happen.
  2. Did you post something on the ebay PayPal Board or on the Ebay Trust & Safety Board?

    Did you call your credit card company to make sure they know you are ok in making these payments?
  3. Finally, do you have a regular bank account listed? Would that help in the payment going through?
  4. I'm fairly new to both Pay Pal and ebay so I was not aware of the PayPal Board or Trust & Safety Board. Is this a place to post comments, or would they be able to help resolve this situation (assuming that I still am unable to get this payment to go thru within another day or so)? I did rule out a possible CC issue - I called them before I called Pay Pal just to make sure that wasn't a factor and I do have a bank account listed and my account is considered "verified," but according to the people at Pay Pal that I've spoken with so far they are still unable to override it.