Pay Pal Help

  1. Hi all

    As you may have noticed i am selling some things in the market place.. i noticed that pay pal was the preferred method of payment.. so upon receving a almost sale.. i set up a pay pal account.. but then gt this msg

    Dear Jordana

    Thanks for contacting PayPal. I appreciate the opportunity to assist
    with your questions.

    I do apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. I understand that
    wanted to open a PayPal account, however, we don't have that
    at this time.

    We sincerely appreciate your interest in becoming a PayPal member.
    Unfortunately, we are not yet providing services for the country or
    in question. Establishing our service in each new country or region
    involves complex changes due to different regulations. We hope to be
    expanding our availability, however, due to the complexities of global
    expansion, we cannot give a timeframe for this. We are working hard and
    look forward to expanding our services to additional countries and
    in the future

    so i cant get a paypal account. so what do i do payment wise?? i really need the money and need to sell but if they dont allow me on paypal what are my other alternatives?? i have never sold or bought like this online before..
    THanks for allyour help PFers
  2. you can do wire money transfers, you can do bank transfers, international money orders... um.. i wouldn't take checks unless it's all within the same area.

    you can also do an escrow service, which the buyer usually pays the fees for, but i'm not exactly sure how it works.

    where are you from anyway?
  3. Try Western Union. It's money transfer without the hassles and the high fess. They make the deposit in post offices or banks and then you receive it in yours. It works for me here in Rio de Janeiro. Cheers!
  4. It just probably means they are doing some maintenance or something? I dunno. Can you try again to sign up in paypal later?
  5. HI guys thanks for you response. ya western union is my fave but i guess it doesnt give the sender enough guarentee then cuz you cant get it back or something.

    frozen- im in the middle east

    Also on another note i signe dup with paypal and used all my australian detials ( we have a home there) so i can operate withthat? also can i still when i receive the money send it to my account in bahrain? or does it have to go to my australian account?
  6. Escrow is no longer available
  7. try adding your Bahrain bank account to your Australia Paypal one, you'll know right away if that works or not.
  8. Just be aware of any possible fees the bank will charge you. Don't forget about that when you sell so you can let the buyer know or add that fee into the selling price if possible.
  9. Wow I didnt know that escrow is no longer available. perhaps this is why when I tried to register a few weeks ago I kept getting a no access sign?

    Jordana, I too am located in a country that Paypal dont serve, but like you I have a home in Aussie and have an Aussie drivers licence, and I set up an Australian Paypal account with much success a couple of years back. But, you have to notify Paypal that you would be accessing Paypal from Bahrain and not from Aussie. Explain to them that you have residency in Aussie but split your time b/w Bahrain and Aussie. That should work fine.

    And if you wanna withdraw the money from your Aussie Paypal, it has to be to an Aussie bank account. Paypal will convert the money to Aussie $, exchange rate is sucks, but hey what can ya do? You will then need to transfer the money from your Aussie bank account to your Bahrain bank account by yourself. With me, I'm lucky that my Aussie bank has a branch in my country, so I can just go to their ATM here and withdraw the money.

    PM me for more details if you like:biggrin: