Pay my CC or get a NEW handbag??


What do you guys think?

  1. Pay credit card.

  2. Buy this new handbag!

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  1. I can't decide over this last night.. I want to get this handbag..


    But I also want to pay my credit card!! What do you guys think???
  2. Always pay off your cc in full before making another'll feel a lot better IMO.
  3. I know this is going to sound rather *****y, but are you serious?! Pay off your credit card! If you're late making a payment or if you skip the payment all together, that bag will end up being a lot more money in the long run. Please don't put yourself in to debt over a fashion item. As beautiful as these bags are, it isn't worth it!
  4. If you pay off the card, you'll have lots of credit to use!
  5. Pay your bill! Wait until you have the money before you make a big purchase. If you still want the bag it will still be there next month! The bag is beautiful, but you have to take of your bills before you buy luxury items.
  6. I guess you guys are right.. I'll just have to pay my credit card first, then make the next purchase in a month or so.. Thanks! :biggrin:

    Great help!
  7. I agree, pay of your credit card. This is more important. Believe me, I am in your situation. I just charged my cloudy bundle on my Saks card, and had an opportunity to buy the red jumbo. However, I want to pay off my Saks charge before I purchase another bag. So hopefully it will be around in about six months.
  8. I am also thinking of the same consequences! I have a chance of buying a new handbag right now and I am really in love with this handbag.. But what I’m thinking is if I don’t pay my credit card, if I don’t pay my credit card in full, I’d still be in debt. But if I do pay, I can always save and buy another one later. But I might not get the same handbag that I wanted.. Oh well.. I guess just save for later… Maybe there’s a better handbag in store for me in the near future!
  9. I couldn't sleep if I had cc debt or any kind of debt. Pay your CC, save and buy in that order.
  10. Priorities. Some people pile on the debt to purchase the chanel handbags, while others are alot more pratical and even though they may use their credit card, pay the amount in full every month. I think thats the responsibile thing to do. I, for example, Have several cards, however I rarely use them. When I purchase a chanel handbag, I always pay cash ( visa debit card). If I dont have the cash available, then I dont need the bag. I mean my mom always use to say something along the lines of " why have a nice handbag, if you dont have the "money" to put in it"..

    I think only you know your financial situation, so If you feel that you NEED this handbag now and want to risk making payments on it, not to mention interest, then go for it! But, I think you should wait until you have the funds. This paticular linge is not limited, its a replacement for the cambon, so it will be around for awhile, atleast a good 1-2 yrs.

    good luck!
  11. Pay off your credit card bill first, then buy this bag when you have enough fund. If it's meant to be, this bag will still be "waiting" for you at the store to take it home. :yes:
  12. I say pay the CC bills first.. :yes:
  13. I'd put it on the card to help build credit and then not charge anything else until that card was at least 80% done. Thats what I do with all of my cards...make purchases and then pay 80% off and then make another either small purchase or big purchase. Then again, I'm new to CCs (only had my first for about a year + ) and just got approved for 1k on my own w/o my parents help, so, I have a long way to go to build credit. I pay prolly 100-200/month on my major card, and then 25/50 on my minor cards (Kohls, Victorias Secret). I don't care much about the interest money, because its only a couple of bucks. I'd rather pay the couple of bucks if it helps build my credit!
  14. pay it off. i'm sure the bag will be around in a couple of months. as cisforcoco says it is relatively new and should be around for another year or 2.
  15. another vote to pay off the credit card bill first =)