Paws up: All-pet airline hits skies

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  2. I think it's a great idea. Being a piece of cargo is probably terrifying for puppies that are being shipped to new owners and this seems like it would ease their trauma!
  3. Sounds like a great idea. I would like to see an airline where you could fly with your pets. Maybe have 2 regular seats plus one kennel to a row. That would be great. A whole flight of pet lovers, sounds like paradise.
  4. I just saw this on CNN! Although I no longer have a pet, this service is great. It's worth waiting to receive your pet because you know they're being well taken care of. I love how the long flights are broken up so that the pets can sleep for the night and such. I know how nervous my dog used to be when we had to fly him, and he was a grown dog. I can only imagine how scared puppies are.
  5. Haha!!! that's awesome! i can't imagine having to use it but still a great idea!
  6. But I don't think they allow the owners to fly on it, with the pets, right? I thought it was like pet only.

    Either way - I'd love to be a flight attendant on that airline!
  7. it sounds like it is pet only----i would love one where the owner and animal go just allow the dogs and cats (crated of course) on with the owner..
  8. ita!!!
  9. I really hope this company will do well and hope they can somehow go international. I will be moving from London to Hong Kong in the near future and the thought of my kitty going on a 12 hours flight scares me but it has to be done, I cannot leave her behind. I hope something like this will become available in the UK real soon.
  10. that was my thought. i love the idea of this airline, and i had no idea that $250 each way was normal for major airlines?! i took my pup on jet blue and it was $75 each way (and i thought that was a bit unfair because all she did was sit under the seat in front of me and counted as my carryon)
  11. A trip from New York to Los Angeles, for example, will take about 24 hours.

    Maybe it's me, or I just know my Mabel. I would prefer quicker routing--get it over w/. My dog would be so anxious through all this.

    I'm guessing they do this to defray costs, stops to drop off and pick up dogs and use less aircraft. This may change if their idea is successful and get more business.
  12. I think its a great idea. I wish they would of put regular passenger seats next to the crates though to allow the owners to travel side by side with their pets.
  13. What a great idea!