Pavlovakitty's Collection

  1. Hi everyone,
    Here is my collection I want to share with you all. I took the pics last night after a trip to LV. The two new members to the collection are LV Mono Beverly MM and Mono Mini Pochette. I hope I can build up my collection soon with more beautiful bags.:p

    Pic 1 - Entire family
    Pic 2 - Longchamp Le Pliages in Small with key ring (black), Medium (Black), Large (Taupe) & X Large (Chocolate).
    Pic 3 - Close up of the Le Pliage Key ring
    Pic 4 - Monogram Beverly MM, Pochette Cosmetique, Pochette Accessories, Cles, Mini Pochette & Bally Wallet
    Pic 5 - Fendi Spy in Chocolate
    My Entire Collection.jpg Longchamp Collection.jpg Longchamp Keyring 2.jpg LV Collection.jpg My One & Only Fendi.jpg
  2. Very nice, LOVe the fendi spy:smile:
  3. Love your Spy and Longchamps!
  4. Beautiful bags! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Great collection! Your Spy is tdf, the leather looks luscious! Thanks for sharing!
  6. I should be the one saying thank you for letting me share my collection with you all! You all are so sweet and lovely!
  7. FABULOUS collection!!!:love: SPY looks SO YUMMY in that color!!!:drool: And your Longchamp totes are great (among other things)!
  8. great collection! Love the spy!
  9. Love your Beverly - Great collection!
  10. Woah, love the Longchams, great collection ! :yes:
  11. OMG, I spy your beautiful SPY. It's a gorgeous collection you have there
  12. Beautiful collection. Loving that Choco Spy!
  13. Great collection!! Love your spy bag. Thanks for sharing!!
  14. congrats!love them!
  15. Nicely displayed collection!!