~ Pauly's Entourage with Pauly D from Jersey Shore on MTV ~

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  1. Gawd another Spin off from Jersey Shore :nuts:

    It is rumored to have started filming now in Rhode Island where he is from and they have gone to Vegas already.

    I think they are going to start wearing these kids out and no one will watch anymore. There are just too many reality shows anymore LOL!
  2. Jersey Shore Overload in FULL EFFECT!
  3. i hates them. now, Dexter shouldn't be in a thread like this! he's far too good for these wanna-be's! maybe one of these losers should be a guest on Dexter and end up on his table - I'd watch that!
  4. ^Ahhhh they arent worthy of "the table" :nogood: :P
  5. ain't that the truth! when will their 5 minutes stop???
  6. Oh gosh, I am just glad its not an entire season of the Situation and his peeps. He truly nauseates me.