Paula's Choice skin products

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  1. Has anyone ever tried her skincare line? I recently purchased her Hydralight toner and I had a bad reaction to this after using it for 3 days. My cheeks started getting red bumps and I had got a pimple on one cheek. I had also tried a sample of her BHA 2% liquid exfoliator. But I think it's too strong for me and I need an AHA.

    My skin is combo/dry/acne prone but luckily I only get occasional breakouts during the time of the month. One or two pimples...

    Unfortunately, I wish the toner had worked out since I had heard great things about her skin care products. I'm going to return the full size toner this week for a refund.

    I do like REN skincare products but I wanted to try a more affordable brand.
    I had no issues with the REN Glycolic Renewal Mask, AHA Resurfacing Concentrate Serum.

    Did anyone have any similar reactions to her skincare products line? I'm debating if it's worth trying another Toner from her line and an AHA... Your thoughts or suggestions would be quite helpful.
  2. I am a major fan. FWIW, I did have to switch from an extra-strength to a regular BHA exfoliant because it was too strong. Their customer service is excellent and can help you determine which products are good for you.
  3. I am a huge PC fan and I've had great luck with most of her products. I did recently have a bad reaction (red, itchy rash) to her new 4% BHA, but I think it's just too strong for me. When I contacted customer service they immediately refunded me without me having to send the item back. They definitely know how to keep customers happy!
  4. I never had any luck with salicylic acid (BHA) products but the 2% BHA Gel from PC actually works on me! I'm not sure how often you use the 2% lotion, but I only use the gel once a day nightly. My skin can't tolerate applying it twice a day. I have had good results with the product though, so I highly recommend it! I have more details and a full review of the product on my blog if anybody is interested.

    As for trying a AHA, I would definitely give it a try. Try out the lowest percentage and see if your skin can tolerate it. AHAs only exfoliate the surface of the skin though, so if your main goal is to prevent your occasional acne it wouldn't help in that department.
  5. I'm not a fan of her products. Most of her reviews are super biased and tends to bash all other brands except for her own. Some of the companies have products that endured test of time for more than 100 years and she speaks negatively of it but recommends one of her own product as a better replacement. ..
  6. ^^ But she always backs up her opinions with facts from peer-reviewed journals.

    It was perfectly OK to put lead on your face or drink arsenic for years to get whiter skin. But, not so good...really.
  7. @ e_nmn_m you make a valid point. However, her products at most, are just as effective as any other brand's product she is bashing, even with all the peer reviewed journals to support her claim. Because in reality, no cosmetic product can really do anything they claim, otherwise it will be marketed as a drug =/ so I feel like she's just trying to ground herself in a niche like any other cosmetic company, by claiming something unique and different that other companies are lacking.
  8. Disclaimer: I do not agree with all of her recommendations. For one thing, she lowers scores if a product had antioxidents or SPF and then removed it, if a product bills itself as SPF but then is too low to be effective, if it makes claims that can't possibly be true, or if there are OTHER products that do the same job BETTER. However, if I need a sunscreen that sits well with my skin, I don't really care if it has antioxidents or not. Nor do I agree with most of her cosmetics reviews--makeup is so subjective. (Unless she identifies a bad ingredient.)

    With respect to her products, I do appreciate that they have the right pH and that they have no bad ingredients (I'm talking to you alcohol & fragrance.) The advantage of her products is that while she does identify other companies as offering equally good items, hers are generally at a lower price point.
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    I agree with you 100%.

    Her reviews are quite biased towards marketing her own line of products. Her reviews tend to challenge scientific ingredients, and lab test results surveyed on hundreds of women. Her descriptions read like a jealous rant and very subjective.

    She would be credible if she published third party market research on product reviews because I can't decipher what she is saying about these products.... Are they her opinion? Experience?

    Lastly, she would also develop credibility if she didn't have multiple banner images of her product flashing in your face as you read her product reviews. And as I type this, I see her banner ad on TPF that followed me because I visited her website. (Note to Marketers: those retargeting banners are annoying. ;-(
  10. Thank you everyone for your opinions. :smile: Too bad her toner didn't work for me and my redness, itchy irritation on my cheek is gone and the small pimple. I do believe it was her products because once I stopped using the toner and BHA it went away.