Paula Zahn sues almost-ex to see what he did with her cash

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  1. Sounds like this could get interesting. So since they were married does he have a right to her cash? And any idea who she's having the affair with?
    Newswoman Paula Zahn has a tough question for her estranged husband: What did you do with all my money?

    The ex-CNN anchor sued her soon-to-be ex Richard Cohen yesterday, demanding to know what the megabucks developer did with more than $25 million she invested with him.

    "Were it not for the fact that Ms. Zahn and Mr. Cohen's marriage is ending, Mr. Cohen might never have been called to account for, among other things, the dubious investments he made with her money," the suit charges.

    The suit, filed yesterday in Manhattan Supreme Court, is the latest round of nastiness between Zahn and Cohen. Their 20-year marriage collapsed this year amid reports that the anchorwoman was seeing another business titan.
  2. Wow, i had no idea her marriage was ending......too bad.
  3. If it was money that was earned during the marriage then absolutely yes he has a right to it. If he squandered it on bad investments then she's the idiot for not keeping track of the money all along. She should have hired accountants to monitor it.
  4. My thoughts exactly. It's not like he borrowed 100 bucks from her. Either she has too much money to even notice $25mil gone off her bank account or she's plain dumb.
  5. ^ITA. I handle all of our financials and my DH has no clue. But read the the rest of the article. I can't believe she was so stupid to start an affair and then figure out all this later.

    The suit accuses Cohen, the founder of Boston-based Capital Properties, of mismanaging Zahn's millions and of not being forthcoming with requests to detail the value of her investments.

    "Despite Ms. Zahn's repeated requests for full financial disclosure, Ms. Zahn simply does not and, as yet, cannot know the basic contours of her overall financial condition," her lawyer Stanley Arkin wrote in court papers.

    The couple met in the early 1980s, when Zahn was working at a local TV station in Boston. By the time they married in 1987, Zahn had put Cohen in charge of every cent she ever saved or earned, according to the lawsuit.

    The arrangement was created so that Zahn could avoid the same fate as her father, who was swindled out of his life's savings in 1986, shortly before he died of cancer, the suit says.

    "Ms. Zahn never departed from this compact," the suit states. "Indeed until July 2007, when she terminated the financial management arrangement, Ms. Zahn continued her regular practice of handing over all of her earnings to Mr. Cohen."

    That deal ended, the suit says, when Zahn discovered that "some of her earnings had been diverted to Mr. Cohen's individual account."

    The suit also charges Cohen with trying to gain "some sort of tactical advantage" in the couple's breakup by withholding information on the money he managed for Zahn.

    Arkin did not return calls and a spokesman for Cohen could not be reached for comment.

    The suit comes weeks after Zahn left her post at CNN, which once touted her in advertisements as "just a little bit sexy" to the sounds of a zipper being unzipped. She has vowed to eventually return to the news business.
  6. i don't see what her having an affair has to do with this. if he was mismanaging her money or stealing, it shouldn't matter if they're happily married, divorced, having affairs, etc... it's a crime.