Paula Thinks Simon Would Be A Selfish Lover

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    In a recent intereview with Metro , Paula Abdul was asked if there any sexual chemistry between her and Simon Cowell.

    She responded, " Oh God. He’s like a brother, so it would be some scary incest. The thought is terrible. I couldn’t be with him. He’d be a selfish lover – he’d wear his condoms ribbed on the inside. "

    Ribbed on the inside! What a comedian that one is and that's not a bad idea for a product actually. I'd buy that ****.

    Paula also revealed that she has a new song coming out soon attached to her Greatest Hits album. Paula also has a new perfume coming out soon. Damn, this ho is busy. When does she have time to drink? Joking.

    She said, " I smell pretty good most days. My dogs like it, my family likes it and even Simon Cowell likes it. You’ll all be smelling very sexy in a few months."

    I'm guessing it's a mixture of weave glue, sweet vicodin and the musty smell of dried up scabs.​
  2. I think, she has a crush on him.
  3. i agree!
  4. Ew.
  5. i think she's head over heels with him... really.
    every single time she's interviewed she brings him up...
    total elementary school bully your crush tactic:graucho: