Paula Patton and Robin Thicke

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I think they make a cute couple
  3. love these two! did she ever have a baby or not? it was reported she was "showing" last year, but then no confirmation was ever made about her giving birth & then she was back to tighter clothes.
  4. i believe she suffered a miscarriage.
  5. :sad: i had a feeling it was that but i was hoping i was wrong.

    in some of the photos she looked like 6 or 7 months. how tragic
  6. ^^Oh, that's sad.
  7. Very sad. I like them together so much!
  8. They are such a cute couple!
  9. They are so cute together! But woah...that picture of him makes him look totally like his father!
  10. I love him. *swoon*
    Cute couple.
  11. Aren't they married? Or wasn't he married? I thought I heard that somewhere.
  12. They are married to each other.

    And Yes, he looks JUST like his dad. No denying they are related.
  13. ^Thanks for clarifying Ladybug. Thats what I thought, but wasn't sure.

    And yes, he does look just like his father.
  14. I don't care for his music but I think they are so cute together! She is gorgeous.
  15. they make a cute couple. she is very pretty
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