Paula Abdul's LV bags!

  1. Did anyone watch American Idol last night? In the beginning you could see a glimpse of Paula's bag- a beautiful perle vernis Houston!
  2. yeah I saw it awhile ago! :smile:
  3. I noticed it too :tup:
  4. See I told my husband we needed to watch Idol and not the Republican Primary!
  5. Yes I saw it, it was very pretty (even though IMO her clothes are always way too busy).

    Oh, and did anyone watch the Real Housewifes of Orange County last night? Laurie always wears a Le Fab and last night she was wearing the small Mono Pochette Accessories. I was surprised because usually she is more flashy, I liked the little bag on her for a change. Her daughter has an Alma and kooky Vicki has a Saleya PM Azur. Lots of LVs on the show.

  6. Seriously, where are his priorities??:p

    Afcgirl I wish I had seen Housewives, I'll have to catch a repeat! Loove the Alma and Damier Azur Saleya. :girlsigh:
  7. Why do husbands always get to take over the TV? LOL
  8. Definitely a decent amount of LV's on Desperate Housewives...too bad Ashley's Alma is a FAKE! Look for the feet on the bottom.

  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  10. HahahAh... hey now, nothing wrong with watching the Republican Primary's!!

    P.S Paula is whack job
  11. Yeah I saw it and I saw Laurie's pochette-it did look good on her it kind of subdued her outfit-she's my favorite cause shes been down and out and she totally appreciates her new life with George. Those others are the greediest (Vicki, Jeana), shallow (Tamra), annoying (Quinn-looks older than 40-hmmm) bunch of yentas! I like the other one with black hair and blue eyes and great cheekbones but her name escapes me. Don't they all dress alike-like they bought the entire inventory of Cache? I like that show, its amusing to see how others live! Plus I try to check out their bags!
  12. DANG!! It was on last night!?!?!? How could I miss it!?!??! :crybaby:
  13. I love seeing LV's on TV and on celebs!
  14. My mom saw it, I didn't lol. Every time she'd point it out, it would be out of the shot.
  15. saw it too!