Paula Abdul Has 'Insane Nervous Breakdown' at LAX

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  1. Wednesday, January 09, 2008
    Fox News

    "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul "had an insane nervous breakdown" at Los Angeles International Airport over the holidays, according to a report on

    A tipster who saw her in the Continental Airlines terminal told the site: "She had an insane nervous breakdown that lasted 10 minutes. One minute she was hyperventilating and on the verge of passing out; the next she was yelling into her cell phone in this deep, rage-filled Poltergeist voice.
    "She kept screaming three names over and over — Michael, Sidney, and Leslie. Everyone was staring at her, but she didn't care," the tipster continued.

    A call to Abdul's representative was not immediately returned.
    "American Idol" kicks off its new season on Tuesday night.

    Radar Report:
  2. She's kinda loony to begin with. If this really happened, I hope she seeks treatment. Or is she just trying to get attention?
  3. I bet she wanted to get some attention.
  4. That is too bad. I really would hope no one would act that way to get attention
  5. Some things I read somewhere gave me the notion that Paula takes some of the same Pills I do, and if so, I feel for her. I can attest that they do make you sort of wacky.

    I wish she could just channel it into making really long rambling posts on the Purse Forum. She wouldn't have to use her real name, and fewer things would get broken.
  6. You're a hoot!:p
  7. I loved watching her little reality show on Bravo, it was surreal watching her have these breakdowns constantly. It was like she was on drugs, but she wasn't, she was just acting crazy/delusional. I hope she has a psych exam soon, it doesn't sound like she's stable.
  8. Very sad. I also saw her reality show. She is definitely addicted to pain pills.
  9. :lol:

    i think it's due to drugs. :nogood:
  10. I highly doubt she's doing it for attention - I'm not sure why people always just jump to that conclusion first.

  11. That's for sure. Lay off the pills Paula, you'll be alright!!!
  12. Okay, you caught me.

    Signed Paula. :angel:
  13. She's very unstable. I hope she gets help.
  14. :wtf:
  15. She seems like such a wack job.