Paula Abdul behaving very strangely on Seattle TV....

  1. Yes, I have to say, she consistently acts "questionable". Personally, I think she it addicted to pain pills. I remember her giving an interview talkng about a back injury she had & how the pain got so bad she was on so many different medications.

    Too bad, I'm a child of the 80's & love(d) Paula :sad:
  2. This is sad,Paula was obviously very drunk.
  3. Yes, either alcohol and/or too many pills which can have a similar effect. It's embarrassing to watch that.
  4. Wow, that was awful! She needs to get some help or something.
  5. Anyone else heard the rumor that Simon is replacing her with Victoria Beckham on American Idol?I heard it on Sky News and they said its still not official if Victoria will replace Paula because of her public outbursts or she will just join and be the fourth judge......
  6. That poor girl has had dozens of incredibly painful surgical procedures to correct spinal trauma from her early years of dancing, it's shocking she can still walk!! She also had Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), a neurological syndrome characterized by severe and relentless pain.

    But yeah, I think the meds she is on have totally messed her up. I feel sorry for her in a big way.

  7. Since her interview, the network has to decide whether they want her to continue.... she needs to take the time to get help. Paula's appearence and problems are now very public.
  8. ^^I like her on that show,she is so lovely and i hope she stays.
  9. Oh man that's painful to watch...c'mon Paula!! I feel sorry for her - she needs to get her meds balanced. I can't imagine being in chronic pain.
  10. :tispy:

    why oh why did her "people" let her go on?
  11. Oh. That was hard to watch. I like paula. What kind of publicist does she have that would let her go on TV drunk?
  12. She looked very medicated to me, and that tick with her head reminds me a little of Michael J. Fox's parkinsons... I hope she's OK?
  13. From what I've heard, she appeared on several shows in that condition...
  14. OMG she is messed up!!! Wow, slurring words, glazed over looks, bad bad bad.