Paul Smith

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  1. Does anyone agree with me that Paul Smith bags are stylist,fun and go with everything. I :heart: them so much. i am from the uk and they seems so much cheeper in the US its not fair:cursing:
  2. Are you sure? I've always found them to be waaaay more than in the UK and TBH I've not even seen that many Stateside and I'm in NY at least three times a year
  3. Oh and yes his bags are totally cool! And they wear very well, I've got one with a cowskin print leather that must be cloes to 10 years old and is still in fab condition. I also have the long ladies stripe wallet that I got for Christmas and still looks like new after being used daily
  4. i just brought the new Tara striped bag and i love it! i got a purse for xmas but got it a bit wet (just rain) and it stained very annoying as PS weren;t interested when i moaned!!!:cursing::cursing::cursing:
  5. Where do you see Paul Smith bags? Only in Paul Smith stores? Anyone else carry them? I've never seen them.
  6. Don't stand for that! It should be able to stand a few raindrops
  7. In London, they are available in Liberty and Selfridges too.
  8. And Harvey Nichols
  9. I think alot of people have stopped stocking them PS have decided to be very picky on who stocks them. Think they are trying to make them a sort after item. i saw them in selfidges in London last week. I don't think anyone in Brum stocks them:cursing: No surprise there though may have loads of shops but they are all full of Sh*te:yes:
  10. I've got a Paul Smith wallet which I got from elux. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but it's so cute! The leather also feels nice and sturdy. It's nice to hear people talk about them, cause I never hear anything about his stuff.
  11. Adversely it could have gone the same way Maharishi went, the brand got utterly overexposed and loads of stores dopped it because their sales fell through the floor.

    Maharishi for example has been dropped in ladieswear at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods! That's some major exposure they've lost....not good for a brand
  12. I bought my boyfriend a Paul Smith messenger bag. It was on sale from Elux (only $299!). He adores it. He's had other man bags in the past, but this one is his favorite. I was really impressed with the quality of the bag when it came. I would definitely buy more Paul Smith in the future.

  13. I think Maharishi was dropped partly because they didn't innovate enough - their motifs and patterns are gorgeous, but their designs are always a little same-ish, IMO.
  14. I have a thing for Paul Smith wallets. :biggrin:

    My favourite is the Blue Bristol one from a few years ago, which I bought my partner.
  15. i have the matching belt,scarf,make-up bag, shoes, umberella, gloves, diary, and notebook, think it is time to stop