paul smith wannabe? your opinions wanted! and appreciated!

  1. what do you think about this: i cannot afford that paul smith mens messenger bag with the brass charms- 500 euro for a student thats paying her way not happening. so i went through macys because on top of a great day my pen exploded in my bag and god it just got everywhere so i needed something at least temp till i get another good one. so im looking through their messengers, mainly lesportsac, pick up a black one and then for fun look at fossil, not a fan of the company, when it comes to bags ive stuck to burberry and im a label snob what can i say. but seeing how soon i wont even be using the bag anymore unless i take summer courses, i saw this simple earth tone bag. it totally reminded me of paul smith without the brass charms. so i bring home that and the black lesportsac but i got to thinking, if i can find my own brass charms i could personalize it just for fun. but would you all look down on this? its not like id pass it for a brand name bag or anything, but if someone asked i'd say its a blantant reminder on not to spend anything or finish writing my book so i can afford the real beauty. thoughts anyone?

    also where would one buy brass looking charms/buttons? i dont like stuff like that online, too risky around here. thanks all.
  2. I don't think anyone would look down on that. All you're doing is personalizing your bag.:smile:
  3. thanks indycat :smile: your westie is so cute! mine is a year old in 9 days :sad: grow up so fast lol
  4. I'm not keen on Paul Smith
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