paul smith lovers... thoughts on this?

  1. [​IMG] Men's bag - Paul Smith I loved the one on elux, but thats over a thousand dollars. I've been looking for a bag for classes that looked like I was off on an adventure, the type of bag I could use when wandering around Europe this summer. Thoughts?:flowers: I think its warmer looking, judging from the other one on the elux site.
  2. I think it looks great! but aarti, don't you think you'd change your mind by this summer? buy it for now and use it don't save it!
  3. I think that bag is gorgeous!!!! It would work great for fall too... and be a great fit to wear across the body :smile:
  4. I think that's a great looking bag, especially for school or travelling! Really classy, yet not fussy at all! How much is it?
  5. The bag looks great!
  6. great bag - simple and sophisticated! Get it!
  7. Hey Uhkiwi, I hope I wouldn't tire of it by next summer. I've been longing for the one on elux for at least half a year now. I definetly wouldn't be able to wait till this summer to use it! I'd start using it once I get it!
  8. Thanks Megs! Yeah I thought that would be a great feature as well. As much as I like defining my chest..a huge wide strap smack dab in the middle wasn't exactly what I thought in mind. LOL

    I didn't even think about the season! Another plus!
  9. UK£ 195 = 365.4495 U.S. dollars
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