Paul Sculfor Spends the Night @ Aniston’s House

  1. If you thought the romance between Jennifer Aniston and British male model Paul Sculfor was fleeting, think again. In so many words, Aniston’s rep has said that they’re not dating exclusively. But it sure looks like it!
    After a crazy night on the town with British pal Victoria Beckham and friends, Sculfor, 36, was spotted leaving Aniston’s Malibu home Sunday morning after — what looks like — spending the night there. Sculfor snuck out of Aniston’s home and hopped into his Range Rover.
    And it gets better — he conveniently came out carrying out a smartwater bottle! (Aniston was officially crowned smartwater’s spokesperson earlier this month). How perfect!!

    They're such a hot couple!
    Paul1.jpg Paul2.jpg Paul3.jpg Paul4.jpg
  2. Good for her. He is pretty cute too.
  3. He is a hottie. I want to hear his accent.
  4. These gals go from man to man faster than a dollar goes from hand to hand :roflmfao:.
  5. Dear God he's hot.
  6. uhhhhhhhhhhh huh, you go girl!!
  7. I'm happy for them - hope it works out :smile:
  8. I hope it works for them
  9. I am so keeping fingers crossed for Jen! i want to see her happy and smiling in the arms of a guy who loves her ;)
  10. She deserves it i hope it works out, eat your heart out Brad !
  11. He's hot! Hope it works out.
  12. Haha~~totally!!!!:tup:
  13. Good for her.:tup:
  14. Good for them both. Yeah!
  15. That's creepy to me. Do they know when she is ovulating next too?