Paul Mitchell the School or Vidal Sassoon Academy?

  1. Has anyone gotten a haircut or color there? I've heard it takes a long time and that you should only go if you have a lot of time..
    I also read on that they do a good job. However, what do you guys think??
    I want to try and get my hair colored there..wonder if it's worth they try..? :s
  2. Closest experience I have had is that my current hairdresser was trained at the Vidal Sassoon Academy and she is AWESOME. She is the only person I have ever used that does not damage my hair at all and she does a fantastic cut that supposedly they only teach at the VS Academy. Sorry I can't help you more.
  3. I love Vidal! I've never been to Paul Mitchell.
  4. i used to go to the vidal sasson academy in scottsdale. i was always happy with my cut, but it is a long process. you need to get a consultation first. also, you can't leave until after the instructors critic the hair. if they aren't happy w/ the job the student did, it has to be fixed before you leave.
  5. My son is attending Paul Mitchell academy, so I am biased:amuse:but all schools have the instructor comb through the haircut-that is how we grade the students. I am a hairdresser and trained instructor, and I found haircuts could take an hour depending on the student. When you go prepare for the student to be slower because well, they're a student, and factor in the consultation and the comb through by the instructor. I did use Paul Mitchell color in the salon and really like the shades and tones offered.
  6. My niece and my sister always go to the Paul Mitchell salon in Frederick, MD. They are really happy with the stylists there and I think their hair always looks fabulous. Both of them get highlights, cuts and blow-drys.
  7. I was just talking to a friend about this, because I'm thinking of trying the Aveda Institute salon. She's been to Paul Mitchell and she LOVES it. She said that the student haircuts are always supervised and the instructor will step in and fix mistakes if necessary. Plus the students have already had practice and training by the time they're allowed to cut real clients' hair so it's not super risky. She also said that you're absolutely not allowed to tip the students so it ends up being suuuuuper cheap! :tup:
  8. I used to get cuts and color at the PM school at Tysons when I lived in VA. I LOVED the color--thanks to the instructor. She overruled the stylist before my hair was colored. The stylist gave me an awesome cut though. BTW, I always tipped the stylists/students.
  9. I love the Aveda Institute in Ohio (weren't allowed to tip), but the Paul Mitchell in Costa Mesa's very much hit or miss. First time was eh at best- the stylist definately didn't know what she was doing and it took an hour and a half plus after sitting in her chair- she had to ask every single step and would forget, and ask again. 2nd time was HORRRIBLE- only my bf was getting a haircut and it took 3 hours! The guy didn't know what he was doing and the instructor was too busy- they made him get up to pay because they were closing the registers and then sat back down for another 50 min of hair cutting. No on apologized at all they and the instructor was pretty rude about it. I wrote in and the head apologized and we got free haircuts- the stylist I got rocked the last time, but I'd be iffy about trying it out again. And they do take tips there- they ask if you want to leave one when you pay.
  10. ^^ I agree...the Paul Mitchell Academy in Costa Mesa is definitely a hit or a miss. I used to go to there a lot when I was in college, because it was cheaper than other upscale salons.

    If you go to someone in phase 1, expect for it to take a least a few hours because they have to consult the instructor first before every little step. The students in phase 2 are more experienced, so they charge a little more. I think it depends on who you get assigned as a stylist. I was really fortunate and met someone who was really talented, but he moved away after graduating the Academy, so I stopped going there all together.

    Overall, if you're looking to save a little money, it might be worth it, but definitely don't expect the salon treatment when going there. I would be hesitant about going back.
  11. I went to the Paul Mitchell School in San Diego mainly because I'm a college student. I got blunt bangs for the first time in my life and I thought the service was pretty friendly and I was happy with the results. The downside is definitely like others said, the amount of time it takes since they're students and sometimes they keep waiting for their teachers to check over their work to make sure they're doing everything right and you have to wait for that. But amazingly cheap for what you get. :smile: And the Paul Mitchell products are way cheaper there to buy if you want some nice shampoo and products.
  12. I have never been to either one but my stylist was trained at the Paul Mitchell school and I started going to her when she was still interning and she does an amazing job! She is definitely the best stylist I have ever had. She suggested adding some bangs to my cut and they look great! She also does wonderful job on my highlights and cutting my hair.
  13. I just found it odd that Paul Mitchells numer one business partner Robert Cromeans uses so many Animal furs and skins in his dress. I mean almost every garmet he wears has animial hides. Not just the belt and shoes, but also the hat, the chaps, the jacket and other exsessories as well. It seems to contradict the Paul Mitchells company mission of protecting the enviroments and the planet. I mean its almost like hes a walking bilboard for Sub Saharian African Animal Gaming. I can uderstand a few outfits but almost ever time you see him hes draped in a African Safari. Ne pa bein Mr. Cromeans. Shame on you.:tdown:
  14. I haven't personally gone to the paul mitchell or vidal sasoons, but when I worked in downtown Seattle it was super convenient (and cheaper) to get a cut at the Gene Juarez academy.

    Just as with the others, allow a LOT of extra time for your service.
  15. Yes, that's true of Robert Cromeans. Hes a very eccentric persona and it reflects in his dress. I was at the Paul Mitchell in New York. I had a business appointment 3 pm that afternoon. When the stylist finaly came to get me for hair cut and style she was 35 minutes behind schedule. She had a whimsical attitude and proceeded dance me to the sink to wash my hair. The music was so loud too you could barely her yourself think. It seemed more like a night club for 20 somethings than a place for business people and executives. I jokingly asked the stylist If I could order a martini. She did not hear me as she was talking with the stylist at the sink behind her. She was also chewing gum, her hair was pink purple and black and was as big as a texas rodeo clown. Her make up was also over done like a circus performer. Her gum almost dropped into the sink while she was washing my hair. The worst incident was when the stylist across from her station dropped about a quart of bleach into her clients lap that she was using to do foils. The salon manager was visibly angry and shouted at the stylist to clean the mess up. Apparently she was new and was not supposed to be working with bleach in the first place. They ended up paying for the woman's clothes. After the manager was done with the stylist she screamed at the receptionist for about 10 minutes that he should have booked a more senior associate to do highlights. It looked as though the manager not only needed therapy but medication as well. After she was done with him I think the receptionist could have used a bit of therapy himself as he was visibly crying. I ended up leaving the salon almost an hour late with my hair not properly blow dried. I got back to my office in midtown for a meeting with a group of realtors with damp hair in the middle of March. I was less than thrilled with my experience at Paul Mitchell. I did not book a return appointment at the salon.