Paul Mitchell Flat Iron Anyone? AND GHD IRON QUESTION! =)

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  1. So I do have a Paul MItchell Smoothing Iron which cost me about $117 but retails for $140 & it's been working pretty well on my hair..anywho...i've been hearing a lot about the GHD Iron & was looking at sephora and there are so many different types.

    My question is, does anyone have the Paul Mitchell smoothing iron or had it and how does it compare to the GHD? i don't straighten my hair much because it takes me A REALLY LONG time to do it (i have thick poofy hair) so i dont do it much. I mean i think $120 is already a decent price to spend for a flat iron but 120$ more for GHD? like how good could it be you know. haha i know i've read testimonials however i dont think anyone understands how my hair is and my Paul Mitchell works pretty well....

    and also which GHD is the best because there are so many different types on

    Thanks to anyone that can help.....i just hate spending 1 hour straightening my hair and having to keep going over the pieces like 10 times for it to get as straight as i want it....


    Oh yeah and i also heard alot of good reviews for the SEDU straighteners....anyone own them?
  2. I don't have the Paul Mitchell flat iron, but I do have a GHD... so I don't know how helpful this will be, but I'll give you my opinion. The most I can tell you is that I do have a Chi which I've had for 4 years, and I thought no iron could compete with it. I just got the GHD this week, and boy was I wrong. It is SO amazing. My hair has never looked so shiny, and stayed looking perfect all day. I really feel like the GHD is less damaging to my hair than the Chi (it might just be in my head, lol but I really do think so). It heats up so quick, and is much hotter than my Chi. Also, if you're thinking of getting a GHD now is the time with the f&f discount on Sephora's site. I am POSITIVE that if you get the GHD you won't regret it. Everyone here who has purchased one absolutely loves it, including myself, so I'm sure you will too.
  3. uh oh when does the f&f end ? and how much exactly is it off?
  4. Don't know when it ends... but it's 20% off, and you'll get free shipping too! Pretty good deal, overall.
  5. Nevermind, just found the thread in the "Deals & Steals" section... it's November 3-21... 20% off with code FF2007.

    Edit: I just used the code today for some random things I bought, so I guess it started today. Don't know why it says November 3rd.
  6. thanks itsnicole for the info! so basically there's only the Original GHD or the NEW GHD??? what's the main difference other than the shape?
  7. No idea what the difference is other than the shape, lol. I bought the "original salon styling iron," which is the one that is 1.75" ($235) just because I have way too much hair and it would take me so much longer to iron if I had gotten the smaller one. I am pretty sure most of the tpf'ers who've gotten GHD's have gotten the newer ones that are 1". Hopefully they can be of more help once they read this thread.
  8. I absolutely love my GHD. I have a Chi, too, but the GHD is much gentler to my hair. I have to wear a hard hat all day at work, and yet my hair still stays straight and smooth. With the Chi it would usually have quite a bit of wave in it by the end of the day. The Chi tended to dry my hair considerably more then the GHD as well.
  9. i've never used a Paul Mitchell flat iron, but I've used a CHI, a Rusk (both were over $100) and several cheap-o walmart irons, and the GHD blows them aaaaaaaall out of the water.

    my hair is extremely curly and i live in an extremely humid climate, but my hair is also color treated and very fine, meaning that most flat irons aren't that effective and they usually make all my hair break off after about a month of usage. i got a new hairstylist (who i ADORE - if anyone lurking is in Athens and looking for a stylist, Laura at Republic, which is new and downtown above Tasty World, is tha bomb) and she recommended the GHD new styler (the 1" $240 model, apparently they tweaked a few things from the old one). i had never been satisfied with my CHI, and she did such a fantastic job on my hair that i figured 'why the heck not, it's got to be better than what i'm using now, and it took her about 2 minutes to straighten my hair.'

    i was still skeptical when i got home, but it cut my straightening time down by HALF, if not by two thirds. my hair before was always dull, coarse, broken and nasty, and now it's incredibly shiny, soft, and smooth. by changing ONLY my iron, i completely stopped the breakage and have noticed no additional damage.

    i noticed some old pictures of myself in my phone today from when i was still straightening with my CHI (which was only a few months old, and not worn out by any means) - in all of them, my hair was puffy, wavy, and dull, even though i had spent a lot more time on it than i spend with my GHD.

    best $240+tax i ever spent. if you get it from sephora before the end of the month, you'll save $50 and get free shipping with the ff2007 code. if you don't like it, sephora has a very good return policy. if you do like it, you'll be on here raving and trying to convert people like i am, and all the while with beautiful, shiny, healthy hair. there's not a whole lot to lose, kwim? the 1" was plenty thick for my VERY curly hair in this VERY humid cimate. i've used it on my hair when it was past shoulder-length, and i used it today on my newly-bobbed, very short hair, and it worked equally well for both. it now takes me less than five minutes to iron my hair now that it's short. with my long hair and my chi, it was taking me an hour.
  10. wow that sounds like it's totally worth it!
    i actually juts found out that HAI makes the Paul Mitchell smoothing iron & it's cheaper than the paul mitchell one =X !!!!!! when does the ff2007 code expire again? and it's only ONLINE correct?
  11. I LOVE the paul mitchell , my hairstylist uses it on me and its better than the GHD which shocked me. I have reallly really thick tight curly hair so its hard to find an iron that really works well for me, to me paul mitchell takes the cake
  12. blasphemy!