Paul McCartney's new girlfriend Nancy Shevell

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  1. Note To Nancy: Don't Answer Your Phone


    Heather Mills has given Paul McCartney yet another reason to wish he had never fallen for her peg-legged charms. Paul is currently romancing Nancy Shevell, but the relationship will not last if Heather gets her way. Heather is afraid that Paul might start a new family with Nancy and brush their daughter, Beatrice, to the side. Heather is also planning to call Nancy to warn her about Paul.

    A source told Showbiz Spy, "Heather’s threatening to call and explain the dangers of dating a Beatle. She had hell with the public hating her and reckons Nancy could too. Heather genuinely thinks she’s doing Nancy a good turn

    Nancy and Paul recently came back from a vacation in Antigua and Heather was livid! “She went ballistic when she found out. She’s also terrified they’re planning a baby - even though Nancy’s not far off 50 - and thinks another child will detract from Beatrice.”

    Cock blocking Mills! She kills a relationship faster than an unplanned pregnancy!
    Nancy needs to keep all her pets inside and turn off all her phones lines. I'm getting a "Fatal Attraction" vibe from this. Heather is just like Alex Forrest, but without the awesome hair and extra leg.

    Here's Nancy in NYC last night. Poor ***** doesn't know what's coming. Run and hide!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Homely looking couple :lol:.Heather should just start enjoying her life and let any woman he involves himself to find out his nasty ways and habits for herself.
  3. I hope Heather isn't trying to harass the new girlfriend. you have his money now run like the wind.
  4. wow nancy's bod is fabulous for almost 50
  5. He looks more comfortable with Nancy than he EVER did with Heather. How he didnt see through her immediately I will never know!
  6. Isn't he dating someone else too?
  7. "wish he had never fallen for her peg-legged charms"
    "Cock blocking Mills! She kills a relationship faster than an unplanned pregnancy!"

  8. Wow, she doesn't look nearly 50, she looks ten years younger. Good luck to them, I hope they'll be happy together.
  9. Good luck to their relationship. Her nose reminds me of Ashley Tisdale's.
  10. I agree..

    :lol: you made me spit out my drink reading this too funny!
    this I would agree I thought she was in her late thirties early forties..Mr. McCartney sure dosen't waste time:nogood:
  11. I wonder why Heather would care anyway.....I thought she was busy counting those $$$$$ (sorry, don't have a british pounds sign!!)!!!
  12. Totall agree that her body looks fab and for a women nearly 50!! Hope they are happy. :smile:
  13. Aww, that's cute that they're making out in the car. :P
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