Paul Lynde

  1. Have you ever been vaguely familiar with a particular actor / actress and you hear their name mentioned a number of times and you become really interested in that person?

    Lately, it's been like that for me with Paul Lynde.

    I watch both Family Guy and American Dad!

    There are numerous references to him in both shows:

    A real life incident in Paul Lynde's life made it into first the movie Groundhog Day and then later Family Guy. After a drunken high speed chase through the San Fernando Valley one night, Lynde crashed his car into a mailbox. When the cops rushed the scene with their guns drawn, Lynde lowered his window and ordered a cheeseburger with no onions and a large Sprite."
    In an episode of Family Guy called Jungle Love, there's a scene where Peter comes home drunk and drives up to the kitchen window. When Meg asks him what he's doing, there he answers, "Uh, hey, buddy. I'll have a triple cheeseburger, large fries, and, you sell pants?"

    In an episode called The King is Dead, Peter produces his own version of The King and I. Paul Lynde's name is mentioned in the final musical number.

    On the show, American Dad!, Seth MacFarlane does the voice of Roger the Alien. He has said he based Roger's character and voice on Paul Lynde.

    Watching Family Guy and American Dad! reminded me of the fact that he did the voice of Templeton the rat on Charlotte's Web (the 1973 version). I loved that movie when I was a little girl.

    Paul Lynde was in the 1963 movie Bye Bye Birdie. He played Harry McAffee.

    He was also Uncle Arthur in Bewitched. (Steve Carrell plays Uncle Arthur in the Nicole Kidman / Will Farrell movie version.)

    I know he's done other things, but those are the only things I'm familiar with.

    Now I'm interested in Paul Lynde, and I'd like to learn more about him.
  2. I mainly remember him as a regular on Hollywood Squares, from Bewitched, and as Templeton .
  3. I also remember him from Bewitched, he was funny!!!
  4. Why not google him? I remember him and heard stories that he was a bitter, angry guy underneath the funny facade.