Paul and Joe for Target bags!

  1. I :heart: the animal themed wristlets and coins purses. I thought the canvas bags on sale are cute, but...what I'm really forward to seeing are the sweater bags and cute plaid owl purse in the ads! I hope they make it the stores soon. I so want one!
  2. I've seen the clothing in my Target but none of the accessories!
  3. Same here! I love the owl plaid purse and all the little clutch/wristlets they have. The owl plaid purse is on my list of my purses I have to have.
  4. I love the Paul and Joe stuff..awhile ago I entered this thing through Teen Vogue where you had to send in a couple pictures of you with different outfits on to show your style sense. Amazingly, a couple weeks ago, they sent me this HUGE box with a cute button up shirt and a pair of black capri jeans and 6 charm bracelets that they'll be adding to each time they have a new designer. IOW, they'll be sending me a new charm whenever a new designer brings their line to Target.
    It made my day because I never win anything lol.
  5. ^^^^How fun about the contest! Lucky you! :yahoo:

    Eponineslove- I'm glad to know I'm not the only one jonesing for the owl plaid bag!:P :lol:
  6. Paul&Joe is my favorite designer out of all three of the GOInternational designers. I already got a couple tops and the wool capri pants and I'm waiting for the new stock to come out.

    The owl plaid bag is one of the things I'm waiting for!
  7. Cool ...I was just @ targee , they had some cute things
  8. I saw that owl plaid purse in one of my magazines the other day and think it's so cute. I wonder if they will be available online since the closest Target is two hours away from me.
  9. Does anyone have a pic of the owl plaid purse? My aunt works at Target in Vegas and I'll email her to see if she can get me one, but I would like to send her a pic of it first.
  10. Sure..I'll scan the pic I have of it from this month's Cosmo Girl..
  11. That owl plaid bag sounds ridiculously hott.
  12. Thanks so much Rebecca!!
  13.'s a little blurry but you can see the picture.
  14. You're welcome! :flowers:
  15. i love the owl bag too :P
    and i'm falling in love with the brooches
    B000G7KP4I.16._SCLZZZZZZZ_SS260_V62589425_.jpg B000G7KPL6.16._SCLZZZZZZZ_SS260_V62706599_.jpg