Paul and Joe experience


Dec 16, 2014
EEE24BFB-0473-4C50-BC74-DFB07354658E.jpeg I went to buy this Paul and Joe jacket I found online but noticed it looked slightly different from the other photos that the brand advertised online. It did not have all of the hardware that the other jackets had advertised in the photos on their social media sites, so I messaged them to see if it would be possible to add them and purchase. Shortly after chatting online, they took the jacket off of the website. When I last looked, they listed it in quite a few different sizes so it did not appear to be selling out. After I emailed it took them a week to to reply. (I also tried calling first they said I had to email them.) Here is the most frustrating conversation I have had trying to buy something online. Has anyone experienced this with a brand?