Paul and joe come to Targee( target)

  1. Oh no, that's one of my favorite brands. I don't want them to get all mainstream. : (
  2. Yay! I love Paul & Joe and am thrilled that they are designing for Target, just like Tara Jarmon did (and Stella McCartney for H&M). It's wonderful that these good designers know that they should reach out to the masses.
  3. Love Paul and Joe. I also agree that it's nice that these designers are trying to make clothes for mainstream America as well- not everyone can afford high priced designer duds although they may want to look fashionable and nice.
  4. I was so excited about the designers at Target until I saw the clothes. Am I the only person who was really disapointed with the quality? The Luella shirts were scratchy because the cotton was cheap and the sizing was all over the place. It made me sad. I thought H&M with Stella used better materials.