Patriots to honor young fan booed in Indianapolis

  1. I think this is AWESOME!! Poor girl, both DH & I were very upset to see that she was booed during the game. We couldn't believe it, I mean she has nothing to do with the Pats and she's just a kid.

    So the Pats are going to honor the girl at their game on Sunday as well as giving her and her family tickets to the game.

    She also said that her friends told her before hand that she would prob get booed, so she was expecting it which is why you see her smiling when it happened. Still, doesn't mean it's excused. Those Indy fans should be ashamed of themselves!!
  2. How nice of them to do that for her. And how classless of the crowd to boo the girl in the first place.
  3. I heard booing when I was watching the game. What a bunch of classless idiots to boo a child. But I live in Indiana and the people here (not everyone, but I'm comparing to more liberal-minded people back in Cali) can be so ignorant so I'm not shocked. UGH!
  4. Anti-Pats fans need to learn to wipe their a&& with toliet tissue.

    GO PATS!
  5. I understand if you're not a fan of a particular team, but to boo a young fan of that team? Um, that's a tad much.

    Good for the Pats to be honoring her.
  6. good that they're honouring her!
  7. That is ridiculous to boo her. Classless.

    Anyhow, really nice the team is doing this for her! It was be such a great night for her and her family!
  8. ?????:wtf::wtf:
  9. LOL Tammy... don't let me get on your bad side.
  10. How nice of the Patriots! What is wrong with people today? Booing a child? Wow, they must feel all big and bad picking on a little girl.
  11. That's awful that they booed her!

    And BTW - Go Packers!