Patriotic Paddingtons!

  1. I guess Christmas wasn't coming soon enough so grenat has joined the cast (at least until rouge gets here!! LOL):


    and the two loafs, grenat in regular and bleu nuit in the mini size :heart::


    and grenat all by herself: :love:


    bsaking in the sun :angel:

  2. Very pretty! :flowers:
  3. Oops I meant Grenat! Grenat is so beautiful!! Do you have a favorite?? Congrats on all your gorgeous new additions! :love: :love:
  4. BB: I am with you, Bleu Nuit is my fav (THANKS CB!!!)

    although... Blanc is a really close second. :graucho:
  5. Seriously drooling over the Grenat!!!!! OMG! It's TDF!!!!!!!:love:
  6. Loving the Grenat and the Bleu Nuit.
  7. hmwe your new grenat is gorgeous!!! :yahoo: I love the color and the leather on it looks so smushy and pebbled!! :drool: It's so cool that you have one large and one small loaf!!! :yes: Your collection is honestly TDF!! :tender: They look so cute cuddled up on that comfy chair together!!! :love::heart::love::heart:
  8. Nice collection of paddy's. The grenat is a great color!:P
  9. beeeeeyoooteeeful!!

    all this and rouge too?! you go!:wlae:
  10. I know, I know!! It's too many, huh??? :shame:

    The weirdest thing with this bag, it makes my feel guilty. I am pretty sure I won't keep her too long, esp with rouge on the way. It's just the grenat had a huge special place in my heart and I adore the loaf style. :cutesy:
  11. Your collection is multiplying faster than rabbits!!! LOL.
    Grenat and Bleu Nuit are definately my favorite paddy colors.
  12. I am so in love with the 05 leather. The dye saturation is so unique, not at all like the 06 bags. :drool:

    Do you find that true with your grenat??

  13. Me likey your Chloes! Chloe does wonderful colors. :heart:
  14. Ooh there they are (I'm drooling!!) - you have the most gorgeous loaf family there aswell as the lovieliest paddington family...!!:love:
    Grenat is absolutely beautiful, the leather and colour and style combo are TDF, congrats..!!:flowers: It looks like BN is it's baby, I wouldn't let any of them go :biggrin: Enjoy!!
  15. LOL!:roflmfao: That's so true! hmwe46 you should name your bags: Monday paddy, Tuesday paddy, Wednesday paddy..:roflmfao::roflmfao:
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