Patrick Robinson For Target

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  1. any comments? I got the linen jacket , realy nice.
    also a brown signature print reversible tank and a white eyelet long shirt, great a s coverup.
  2. I love that white eyelet coverup! My Target usually is picked over pretty good - I have to go to my second closest Target to find anything.
  3. yes, i love the GO International designers they feature frequently too!

    i bought a pair of sage/silver shorts w/ self-belt and a charcoal grey babydoll top also with a self-belt.
  4. The Patrick Robinson collection is my favorite of the GO designers yet! I like most of the pieces and plan on buying the black halter swimsuit and a pair of shorts! They fit really great and seem to be made well. I'm definitely a fan.
  5. Some of the styles are cute but I haven't gotten anything from this line yet. I like that one shift dress with the brown pattern but the material is really stiff. I think I'll get a pair of the shorts though.

    Anyway I loved Proenza, Paul & Joe and Behnaz's lines, I bought a lot of their pieces! I ended up getting the Proenza Palm bikini not too long ago off of Target's site; each piece was only $6.97!
  6. I'm not so excited about the current one. Just not my style. But, I'm super jazzed about the Alice Temperly one coming out in November!
  7. I love targets GO. I bought a khaki skirt. White eyelet shirt, and black beater with beads on the collar
  8. I love target go international, however, I have not bought anything from this line because I don't really like it quite as much. So far, this is the only I have not bought from. I will probably buy something like those reversible tops maybe, but other than that, I'm not impressed.
  9. I grabbed a black baby doll is so casual! I really like this line :smile: I plan on going back and checking out some more stuff!

    This is my first time hitting the Go International stuff at Target (well..actually the first time I've bought clothing from Target)...but I think I'm a convert!
  10. I love, love GO and have tried to buy something from each collection. I don't love the Patrick Robinson collection, but he does have great casual tops and funky bikinis. It'll be interesting to see what he does for GAP.
  11. I try to buy something from each collection too. so far, I have the one piece bathing suit (for YEARS I have not been able to find a good, not expensive one piece to fit right) and one of the tunics.
  12. So far, I bought a short sleeve shirt from PR collection and I love it! it fits so well and affordable...
  13. By far this is my most favorite collection. Unfortunately though I passed up on a shirt I tried on a few weeks back. I went back to two targets to see if I could get it at least in one color but everything is picked over now as well as online. Bummer.
  14. I looooooooooooove this collection! It is by far my favorite one so far!

    I have never bought any clothing for any of the previous collections, but I have 6 pieces from this one! 2 dresses & 4 shirts. They are all so cute and comfy! And I really like all the little details on his collection. They make all the pieces look much more expensive.

    And all of the tops & dresses that I've bought are more realistically sized than most clothes. I'm a size 20 and usually an XL-XXL in tops, and all of his XL's fit me perfectly! Usually XXL's in Target fit like L-XL's to me. So this makes me so happy! Yay for realistic sizes, especially in a "designer" collection!
  15. i found just the opposite - i usually wear an L, even in juniors sizes, but i have a 38D chest, and almost all of the XLs are tight on me, particularly in things with non-stretchy fabrics. i had to take my bra off to get basically anything on, and even then it was a struggle. there were a few dresses that i wanted to get, but there was no way they were zipping up over my chest.
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