Patrick Dempsey's Wife's Chanel

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  1. This picture was in USWeekly. Patrick Dempsey's wife Jill has a gorgeous Chanel. What is it called, how much is it and where can you buy it? Thanks!

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  2. Very nice.
  3. SHe looks great, and love the bag.
  4. i believe there's a black and a red version of the bag at hirshleifers in manhasset, long island (americana mall). try there. i have no idea what the name of this bag would be though.
  5. Gorgeous bag AND she has a gorgeous husband!:heart:
  6. nice bag but the thing that caught my eye was Patrick Dempsey:drool:
  7. Anyone know what this bag is called and how much and where I can get it? I love the bag more than I love Patrick!!!:P :P
  8. Did you read post #4 by babyhart? She pointed you to a store.
  9. sorrry but me no like ...:shrugs:
  10. I think I saw this bag on ebay too. I thought the long straps made it look weird, but then again u can use it for the office, etc.
  11. thanks roey.

    i definitely saw the red at hirshleifer's today as i was there. i couldn't get the price for it though as i was busy chasing after my toddler.
  12. Thanks, Babyhart and Roey. Sorry, but I'm not familiar with Hirshleifer's. Is it a trustworthy retailer? I will call them tomorrow.
  13. Hirshleifer's is the exclusive retailer of Chanel on Long Island. it's been around for 30 years.
  14. I thought the same thing when I looked at it - it'd be perfect as an office bag.
  15. The downtown Seattle Nordstrom Chanel accessories boutique had one in dark brown about two weeks ago. 206-628-2111