Patricia Fields handbag in "Devil wears Prada"

  1. There are reviews at Amazon that might help with your decision. The ones I read the other day weren't very complementary of the quality.

    It's certainly an interesting design. I was surprised, though, since I had heard a lot about the bag before I saw the movie, that they really didn't make a big deal about the bag in the movie itself.

    Amazon is easy to work with, so if you end up not loving it, it shouldn't be a problem to return it.
  2. It seems really surprising to me that they would use such a cheap bag in the movie - it's not even made of leather. I would have expected the movie to use only the best of the best. When I read the book the people working at Runaway never would have used cheap accessories (or anything else for that matter).

    I have seen the movie and wasn't overly impressed with the clothes or accessories but that's just me. Peggy
  3. I wonder if the actual one in the movie was leather, since the ones they are selling on Amazon are what looks like reallly bad pleather.
  4. No. The one in the movie is faux leather. The bag isn't that bad in person... it's a soft pvc. It's a nice bag for less than 100. I also wish it came in leather.