Patricia chang bags


Jul 15, 2016
Hi! What do you think from Patricia chang bags? I have the pizza wristlet whih I bought on sales, it was 55$ and I'm dying to have the pretzel bag which is now out of stock but I'm waiting and saving money to be ready when they will restock. The thing is I love the pizza wristlet but doesn't look to me very good quality. I'm afraid the pretzel bag would be the same and the price is 300$!!! What do you think? Should I buy it if I like it? Should I save that money towards by another bag like high brand? Thank you very much


Jun 18, 2012
I'm not familiar with Patricia Chang but if you have one bag from her that isn't the best quality, you may want to consider buying from another brand. I only give a brand one try on quality before I'll jump ship.

You seem to enjoy fun, whimsical bags. Two brands that do this well at a reasonable price point are Kate Spade and Betsey Johnson. Of the two I think KS has much better quality (though BS isn't bad - my DD had a BD tote that she's own and abused for 6 years and it still looks good).

Both brands often run sales so you can pick up items really inexpensively. Sign up with your email and you'll get coupon codes and notices of sales. Both brands will also appear in Nordstrom Rack and brand new on eBay on a discount.

Some higher end brands that also do whimsical / fun bags well are Moschino and Anya Hindmarch. Both of these brands seem to have great quality (from what I've seen very casually in browsing in person and reading here on TPF) and they do go on sale. But, they are much more pricey than the other brands I recommended.

Good luck and please post photos of whatever you buy. We love fun bags on TPF.
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