1. I only have one Louis Vuitton... a Cabas Mezzo which I bought in July. I didn't use it until school started in mid-August and have carried it 3-4 times a week since. But the leather is still SOOO light except for a few spots where rain fell on it (oops!). Even those spots are still incredibly light! It has darkened a little bit, but just BARELY. (I'm comparing it to the little tab with the date code inside of the bag.)

    How long is it supposed to take for the leather to get darker? Is there anything I can do to speed up the patina process?

    I'm sorry to sound so ignorant; I've just never owned any Louis Vuitton before.
  2. Take it out in the sun. Hehe.
  3. You're so lucky! I bought the Manhattan pm and it seemed to get a lot darker pretty fast and I barely wear it! I prefer the lighter patina and I'm not sure if I'll buy another LV that has patina on it. I wish there was a way to preserve the patina from turing color!
  4. You can DELAY the patina process through use of products such as Apple Guard or Shining Monkey! Search the forum for threads regarding its use though...
  5. The sun is suppose to speed up the process. I've also heard olive oil but haven't tried it. My last bag took a good few months (average of using it once or twice a week) of use to get the patina to turn a honey color.
  6. Do they sell Apple Guard or Shining Monkey in local stores?? I know you can get them online.. but I'd like to have them sooner.
  7. my cerises speedy took about a month or two to get the honey color, since i used it every day. it just depends on how often you use it. i don't try to rush it, only because i like to watch its progress. i'm dorky that way!
  8. Placing it under a lamp inside your home can help too, but it would have to be done on a regular basis for several hours per day.
  9. I've been using my Speedy 30 everyday since 1 July 2006 and I live in a warm place. But the patina is still sooooo light! I want it to turn darker, but naturally. I suppose it'll take a few more months.
  10. Baby wipes will speed up the patina a little bit. You can buy some leather milk protectant, it will also gives more patina to your bag. I personally love the patina when there is no dirty mark on the leather.
  11. Take it to the sun if you want patina :yes: