1. What does it means?
    I'm italian and... there are a lot of words that I don't understand, sorry... I promise I'll study hard:yes: !
  2. It is the vachetta leather's natural aging/darkening process. Anyone else better able to explain lol
  3. Thank you, now I understood.
    Before, I did not understand if it was the bag when is new or when is used!
    Now it's all clear... except..."lol"!!!
    I asked before but I didn't understand...

    OMG what a shame!":biggrin:
  4. Hi Stephanie,

    patina is what makes the difference between a brand new LV and a used one. That was the color changing of the leather parts (handles, trims, etc) is called.

    Kind regards from Germany,
    Kittie :heart:

    BTW: LOVE italian ice cream ... :P
  5. lol = lough out loud
  6. "lol" stands for Laughing Out Loud something like Ha Ha Ha